As “Kommersant” found out, the cruise ferry “Princess Anastasia”, designed for 2,5 thousand people and usually runs from St. Petersburg to Scandinavia, can become a place of placing of employees of contractors NOVATEK in the affected coronavirus Belokamenka. The ship should arrive in Murmansk on may 2. The number of people infected with one of the contractors, the “Velesstroy” has exceeded 900 people and has reached 1% of all the Russias. Kommersant’s sources doubt that the ship will be a hospital. Most likely, we are talking about the observation or isolation of employees with positive test, but without symptoms of the coronavirus.Cruise ferry “Princess Anastasia” is sent to the Belokamenka in the Kola district to become the location for contractor employees of NOVATEK in a pandemic, told “Kommersant” sources in the industry. Will the ship be used for observation or to accommodate people whose test was positive, they did not specify. According to Marinetraffic, the ship had sailed from Gdansk on April 27 and may 2 should arrive in Murmansk.Operational headquarters in the Murmansk region reported that, according to the evening of 28 April, the total number of patients with coronavirus in Belokamenka amounted to 922 people, the gain per day is 6.3%. In the village NOVATEK is building a shipyard for Assembly lines for future LNG projects. Only all sites involved about 11 thousand people. The Belokamenka is 82% of the infected in the whole Murmansk region and 1% of the Russian Federation in General, most employees of the company “Velesstroy”.The regional authorities initially said that I see no reason for the suspension of works at the site of the Kola shipyards, adding that in 97% of cases in infected workers with the disease are asymptomatic and not severely ill. In NOVATEK said that all employees with positive tests for coronavirus were hospitalized. Have been in contact with them and show no symptoms, but they are isolated and are under the supervision of physicians, while “work on site is underway in accordance with the plan,” clarified the company (see “Kommersant-Online”, 15 April).But in the end April 21 “Velesstroy” has declared a partial suspension of work. The company clarified that the measure is necessary for complete disinfection in a camp, residential village. Employees with negative test twice will be directed to a two-week withdrawal, on the tenth day which will conduct the third test, those who have it will be negative, will be able to return home.According to the company, isolated will be accommodated in hotels, rest houses and boarding houses outside of the project and the Murmansk region. At the same time the request of the CPS, the company must build three new dormitories. Later “Velesstroy” has announced that it has taken 475 shift workers in Samara and Yekaterinburg.A week ago, the regional authorities stated that the outbreak of the coronavirus in “Veless��PoE” fully localized, isolated industrial site, will continue to export healthy shift workers for Murmansk oblast with subsequent placement in Observatory for 14 days. New work on the object is not imported, check there.In NOVATEK and the government of the Murmansk region on request “b” did not answer. The CPS has redirected the request to the operational headquarters, whose representative said that has no information, and was advised to go to NOVATEK.The operator of the cruise ferry “Princess Anastasia” company Moby SPL. Its General Director Sergey Kotenev declined to comment and advised to follow the official company website. The ferry was built in 1986 by the Finnish Wartsila. The length of the vessel is 177 m, width — 28 m, draft is 6.7 m. the passenger Capacity of 2.5 thousand people, 834 cabins, car deck on 580 cars. In 2011 the cruise ferry “Princess Anastasia” has acquired St. Peter Line, and in 2016, a merger of the company with Italian ferry operator Moby S. p.A. Cruise ship plied between the ports of St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki. Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation, said that now the issue of mooring the vessel in Belokamenka, given that the length of the pier there is about 140 m, that is less than the length of the vessel.Interlocutors “” in the shipbuilding industry doubt that a cruise ship can be used under the infectious diseases hospital, since it does not have appropriate systems and oxygen lines, systems, disinfection, etc. in addition, cruise ships are equipped with a common system of ventilation, in which can be infection, according to the interlocutors “Kommersant”, Recalling that this is what was infected on the ship Diamond Princess. In Europe and the United States-known cases of cruise ships being converted by a floating hospital, but sources “” assert that to put patients with other diseases who do not have enough beds in hospitals because of the virus. Therefore, most likely, “Princess Anastasia” will be used for the quarantine of workers.In a pandemic, the company carrying passengers was in a critical situation (see Kommersant dated 29 April). Therefore, the interlocutor of Kommersant in the industry calls “luck” for Moby SPL the change in freight ferry: “the Company will receive for it any money, and the vessel to be laid up the whole navigation”.Anastasia Vedeneeva, Tatiana Woodpecker