Famous German brand, Knorr decided to change the existing since 1903 the name of the sauce Zigeunersauce (“Gypsy sauce”) after a discussion about racism. On Sunday, August 16, reports TASS with reference to the publication Bild am Sonntag.

the company noted that the term “Gypsy” could be negatively interpreted, so soon on the shelves will be the same gravy, but called Paprikasauce Ungarische Art (“Sauce with paprika in Hungarian”).

the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma has appreciated the decision of Knorr, but added that the fact of rising anti-Roma sentiment in Europe — much more important and serious problem than the name change of the sauce.

Earlier it was reported that the American ice hockey team “Chicago Blackhawks” (Chicago Blackhawks) has banned its fans to wear native American headdresses at home games for reasons of racism. “There are sacred symbols traditionally designed for leaders who deserved great respect in his tribe, and should not be generalized or used as a costume or everyday clothing,” explained his decision by the club administration.