an Exhibition of artifacts of Vasily Terkin has created in the Western military district. It is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the literary character invented by Alexander Tvardovsky and his colleagues in the newspaper of the Leningrad military district “defending the Motherland”.

As the press service ZVO, the exhibition tells about the history of the character, war journalists, writers, poets and artists. Thanks to them, Vasily Terkin and become recognizable and popularly loved.

the exhibition includes the original illustrations – “comics” the adventures of the soldier-hero, reprints of publication, the front of the brochure. Here is a unique number of materials published during the great Patriotic war, cartoons of 1941 about Terkin, first editions of books by Alexander Twardowski, the gramophone record with a recording of his voice, the collection of porcelain images of the literary hero and more.

the Exhibition will show at the International military-technical forum “Army 2020” in August.