Due to the pandemic threat of the corona virus, the anti-of the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) in the short term, is heavily disturbed and, in one instance, the organization announced in a press release. In the present circumstances, it is for the AIU, after all, is not possible to have all of the doping tests to be run.

“The Athletics Integrity Unit run globally in over a hundred countries carry out doping controls”, says the statement. “In many countries, however, there are measures such as social distancing, that implies that there are at least eight must be taken in order to avoid contact. In addition, the action is everywhere is different, and there is a quick change was made. Therefore, it is only logical that the us is anti-heavy, either. Nevertheless, we are committed to continue to test where it is possible.”

in Addition, it is emphasized that the AIU is that all the athletes and their whereabouts should be to pass, all of the leagues worldwide, are silent, and by the end of the coronacrisis is not yet in sight.