St. PETERSBURG, may 3 – RIA Novosti. Temporary hospital in the pavilion of the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” in St. Petersburg took on the treatment of the first patients 24 patients with mild coronavirus infection, according to the administration of the Governor of the city.

Earlier it was reported that in the seventh pavilion of the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” in the area of 11 thousand square meters launched 1 thousand beds for patients with mild coronavirus infection who have no opportunity to be treated at home. The pavilion of “Lenexpo” was given to St. Petersburg for the temporary accommodation of the hospital after negotiations between the city Governor Alexander Beglov and the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller. The operation of the hospital engaged in “Hospital for veterans of wars”. Out in “Lenexpo” sent to 100 health professionals.

“In infectious branch of Hospital of veterans of wars in “Lenexpo” treating patients with a mild form of coronavirus infections that cannot observe the regime of self-isolation at home. They transferred here from other hospitals,” – said in the message. According to the authorities, if the patient’s condition will worsen, according to the decision of the attending doctor on the ambulance will be sent to the nearest restructured hospital. In a temporary hospital set up a special area for reception of patients. Safe passage from the contaminated area into clean provides area of sanitary systems.

Earlier it was reported that in the seventh pavilion “Lenexpo” offers more than 500 modules, with up to 1000 beds. Each module is equipped with a special medical beds, lamps, rosettes, tripods for droppers and bedside tables. Created staging areas and food distribution, the food in the hospital is brought in finished form in lunchboxes. There is a special area for storage and disinfection of linen. A temporary hospital is equipped with all necessary diagnostic equipment, including oxygen concentrators and computer tomography.

Earlier it was reported that the Governor of St. Petersburg and the head of Gazprom discussed the possibility of expanding the hospital for patients with mild COVID-19 in “Lenexpo”. Agreement was reached on the donation of the city of two more pavilions for the organization of the hospital.

“Lenexpo” is one of the largest exhibition complexes located on the Gulf of Finland. Nine pavilions the area of 40 thousand square meters and the seven different conference halls with capacity from 24 to 2.8 thousand allow to carry out events of different formats. Earlier, the “Lenexpo” for many years held the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

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