Now for the election of the mayor of the Japanese capital, with the participation of 22 candidates, is monitored not only in Tokyo. And is the fundamental struggle between the incumbent 67-year-old Yuriko Koike, through which the preparation for the 2020 Olympic games held at the highest level, and several ardent opponents Games postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus. So Kenji Economia, one of the main opponents of Ms. Koike, persistently claimed that, if elected, will advocate for the abolition of the Olympics. Echoed in the past and popular actor Taro Yamamoto, who believes that the city in the period before and after the pandemic will be difficult to cope with the ever-increasing Olympic costs.

Into the hands of opponents Koike was that there seems to be a quiet epidemic made itself felt in the last four days before the vote. Every day in Tokyo was recorded for 100 infected. The mayor’s crackdown, closing a number of nightlife options, from where came the flash.

And only in these hours it became clear that the favorite Yuriko Koike will remain in its place and will continue still, it is clear what policy. Elections are over and although the counting of votes still ongoing, the results of the exit of the sexes suggest that Ms. Koike is given about 60 percent of the vote and the second round is not required. Well, Kenji Utinomi, even while going second, mayors with their 20 percent did not pass.