In Russia are closely watching the plans of the United States and Poland on the transfer of a part stationed in Germany U.S. troops on Polish territory. This was announced by Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. He commented on statements made during the visit of the Polish President Andrzej Duda in the United States. On the eve during a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Donald trump has promised to move some troops from Germany to Poland, noting that it will be “a powerful signal” to Russia. According to experts, Washington is increasing its ties with Warsaw in contrast to the worsening relations with Berlin, but it has a negative impact on the military-political stability in Europe and the world.

Moscow is closely watching Washington’s plans to move some of its troops from Germany to Poland. This was stated by Deputy head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko. The diplomat explained that Russia oversee these processes, not only from the point of view of implications for regional security and interests of Russia and its allies, but also from the point of view of compliance with the Founding act Russia — NATO.

The Russian foreign Ministry does not rule out the possibility that the us government can go for violation this document, as Washington has “consistently destroying” the foundations of security in Europe, such as the Treaty on elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range and the Treaty on open skies.

“Therefore, we will closely monitor what the ultimate configuration will acquire the U.S. Armed forces in Europe, and, if necessary, take all measures to ensure the legitimate interests of the defense and security of Russia”, — said the diplomat RIA Novosti.

Thus in the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the information about the US intention to transfer part of its troops from Germany to Poland.

These plans confirmed the head of the White house Donald trump, speaking at a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, who has arrived in the United States.

“Our presence in Germany, we significantly reduce about 25 thousand troops. We were there 52 thousand,” said trump, explaining that Poland is one of the few countries to fulfill their budgetary commitments in the framework of NATO.

The American President is confident that the costs of Germany in defense of disparate small — now the German authorities allocate for military expenditures slightly more than one percent of GDP, while it is necessary to direct on these purposes about two percent.

Therefore, Washington will reduce the American military presence in Germany, part of the military will be sent home, and some will move to other parts of Europe, including Poland, said trump.

According to him, this decision will become “a powerful signal” to Russia. The head of the White house in a very��edney once remarked that the German authorities “send billions of dollars” for the purchase of Russian energy.

“People in Germany don’t like it, but they decided to act. They spend billions of dollars buying Russian energy, and then we’re supposed to protect them from Russia. So will not go. Poland is wonderful. It seems that the energy pipeline from Russia she never gets. And it sends a clear signal,” said trump.

However, the us leader said that the US is counting on building good relationships with everyone, including with Russia.

As they say in the message published on the website of the White house in connection with the visit of the Polish President Andrzej Duda in the United States, Washington and Warsaw are going to work to strengthen U.S.-Polish partnership.

It is specified that the two countries have a long strategic relationship based on shared values and leading its history since the American revolution of the XVIII century.

As noted by the American administration, the Donald trump of “working to further strengthen the longstanding partnership between the United States and Poland”. For its part, Warsaw makes a significant contribution to strengthening the capacity of the Alliance.

“through the program of modernization of the armed forces amounting to several billion dollars, using us military equipment and technology, Poland further strengthens the potential of NATO”, — stated in the message.

In addition, Poland “promoting critical training military of the United States” and of American allies, and “demonstrates exceptional hospitality and support deployed on its territory to American forces.”

In a joint statement made by the U.S. and Polish presidents following the talks, reported about the plans to deepen cooperation in the defense area. In particular, we are talking about the implementation of two joint declarations signed in June and September 2019.

Special attention was paid to the leaders of the energy sector. The joint statement highlighted efforts of the U.S. and Poland to diversify the energy market, including the supply of us LNG to the Polish side. Also in the plans of partners is increasing cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

with In contrast to Berlin

Plans to reduce the number stationed in Germany the us military Donald trump announced earlier. According to the head of the White house, the United States are the “incredible expense” because of the need to keep on German territory 52 thousand soldiers, while Berlin is in breach of its commitments to NATO.

Irritant to Washington is also part Herman��and in the joint project of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. A gas pipeline laid on the Baltic sea.

The American authorities are demanding that Berlin abandoned the project since the expansion of pipeline deliveries of Russian gas to Europe allegedly threatened the energy security of the Old world.

In December 2019 Donald trump has signed the defense budget for the new fiscal year. The document provides for sanctions against the projects “Nord stream — 2” and “Turkish stream”. This led to the suspension of construction, because the Swiss company Allseas, which led to the laying of the pipes of the pipeline, turned the work.

Washington also does not rule out the introduction of new sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2”. This was in may 2020, said us Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, soon left his post. The diplomat also called on Berlin “to stop to feed the beast”, speaking about Russia.

Statement of the American Ambassador provoked a strong reaction from the German side, as noted the press-Secretary of the German Minister of economy and energy Peter Altmaier, now is not the time to increase escalation and the threat of imposing the “new extraterritorial and contrary to international law sanctions.”

According to experts, the rapprochement between Washington and Warsaw partly due to the deterioration in German-American relations.

As noted in an interview with RT the head of Department of European security, Institute of Europe Dmitry Danilov, Donald trump did not hide their plans to review relations with Berlin, if the German side will not properly follow the American course.

“For Germany, the plans for the American side is painful because it needs American military bases. Germany claims a leading role in Europe, including the defense issues. And the withdrawal of U.S. troops will weaken its leadership. Not to mention the fact that Germany received significant dividends from U.S. military presence. Now Germany will face the problem of revaluation of transatlantic relations and the question of to what extent to compromise with Washington,” — said the expert.

According to Danilov, in Berlin, as in Paris, a negative assessment of the Polish-American rapprochement.

“NATO has always been a moderate wing, which favoured a balanced course, it was presented by France and Germany. But the Baltic States and Poland has always focused on the “containment” of Russia, their positions after 2014 increased. While Poland has long soured relations with Germany, France and other European neighbours” — said the expert.

the Key American ally

Warsaw fully supported Washington’s position on a range of issues, including the struggle of the American side��s against the project “Nord stream — 2”. In March 2020, the head of the Polish MFA Jacek Czaputowicz called the project a threat to Europe.

According to the Polish Minister, the Russian-German gas pipeline allegedly poses a risk to European energy security.

“the Pipeline will have negative political and economic consequences for the EU and increase our dependence on an unreliable supplier — “Gazprom”, — said the foreign Minister of Poland.

At the same time Warsaw is making efforts to expand military cooperation with Washington. So, in September 2019, the Polish defense Minister Mariusz Blashek reported that the parties have agreed on the deployment of additional us troops on Polish territory.

That already in Poland on a rotating basis, 5 thousand American soldiers and officers be supplemented by an additional 1 thousand servicemen Donald trump and Andrzej Duda agreed in the summer of 2019. Even the Polish side expressed readiness to allocate for the construction of a permanent US military base in the country about $2 billion.

In the beginning of 2020, it became known about the readiness of Poland to acquire U.S. party of fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35 in the amount of $6.5 billion.

And in June 2020 in the Polish territory held joint us-Polish military exercises Defender of Europe 2020 Plus. Warsaw and Washington from carrying out manoeuvres did not stop even pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

According to Professor HSE Dmitry Evstafyev, the process of rapprochement between Poland and the United States began even before the White house was headed by Donald trump.

“But when the process has accelerated, it is caused by a conflict of trump with Angela Merkel and the overall deterioration of us-German relations. The process of turning Poland into a key American ally in Europe has acquired a forced, exaggerated forms,” the expert said in an interview with RT.

As explained Evstafiev, the situation in General is not new.

“Poland has traditionally been a destabilizing force in Europe, this was manifested in former ages. So, Poland was a member of the Munich agreement, which led to the Second world war. Now Polish politicians are hatching ambitious plans. And it may happen that Polish-American relations “tail begins to wag the dog”, and the US has no control over Polish aggression”, — the expert believes.

A similar view is shared by Dmitry Danilov. According to experts, Poland and was previously treated in the U.S. as one of the key partners in the context of strengthening the American presence in Europe.

“most Likely, trump now not still go to drastic steps and leave the issue of withdrawal of troops from Germany in a “suspended” state. However, in case of realization of plans of the US and Paul��and it can trigger the growth of political and military tension in the region and the world”, — concluded the expert.