Condolences and tributes have poured in from all corners of the world after Australian multi-sport star Jacinda Barclay died at the age of 29 at her home in Perth.

The talented athlete was a pioneer in Australian sport, having achieved outstanding results in baseball and football. Barclay played baseball, Australian Rules and American football, and represented her country at international level.

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She started playing Australian Rules football at the age of 12 before concentrating on baseball where she showed stunning results, making her international debut at 17 years of age.

As a pitcher she represented Australia at five baseball World Cups between 2008 and 2016, and won a silver medal in 2010.

Barclay’s career in American football was also remarkable: she led New South Wales Surge to a title in the inaugural 2013-14 season of Legends Football League (LFL) Australia.

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She was scouted for the American football team the Chicago Bliss in 2016, winning a championship in her first season. Barclay returned to Aussie Rules football when the Australian Rules Football League (AFWL) for female players was established in 2017, joining the Greater Western Sydney team.

The player’s death was confirmed by her family on Wednesday.

She was a shining comet that soared through this world casting her radiant light of love on all she met. Though that comet has now shattered into a million pieces, the memory of it will remain a beacon for all women in high-profile sports to strive to excel, to dare to be great while staying humble and proud,” the statement said.

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The cause of her death has not been reported, with police only confirming that she’d been found dead at her home near Perth.

Police and St John Ambulance personnel attended the
residence and upon arrival it was confirmed the 29-year-old woman was deceased,” police said.

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