Who doesn’t know it: if you don’t pay attention for a moment, the grilled meat is too dry. But a secret ingredient ensures that your steak remains juicy and tender on the grill – and what else you should consider for the perfect grilled meat.

Anyone who grills often knows the problem: the meat can easily become tough and dry. This is especially true for thin types of meat such as ribs, chicken breast or steaks. But a secret ingredient can help – all you have to do is go to the juice department in the supermarket.

To give the meat a juicy and sweet note, you simply need apple juice. Grill professionals swear by the trick and it works like this: You put the apple juice in a spray bottle and spray the meat with it again and again while grilling. In addition to apple juice, cherry juice is also suitable for this. This gives the meat a very special flavor and is very juicy.

Buy meat from the region

Before you start grilling, it is important to choose the right steak. High-quality meat does not dry out too quickly – so it is best to go to a butcher you trust. Steaks with good marbling are particularly recommended. And another aspect: you should take the meat out of the fridge around 30 minutes before grilling so that it reaches room temperature.

Only turn with grill tongs

Some people use a fork to turn meat when grilling. The problem: piercing causes more meat juice to come out and steaks

Cook meat gently

Cook the meat quickly at a high temperature? This mistake is made again and again – and in the end you end up with a dry steak on your plate. The meat should definitely be cooked gently. Although it takes a little longer, you will have a perfect result.

Marinate meat

As an alternative to spraying with apple juice, you can also marinate the meat. Grill marinades not only give the meat a special aroma, but also keep it juicy.

Skinny and small – is that how it has to be?

Lean pieces of meat, pre-portioned into bite-sized pieces, always end up on the grill grate. Most people want to avoid fat – steaks with light veins of fat can

Heat grilled meat several times

You should not reheat a grilled steak. Because this can dry out very quickly. You can definitely use the method to use leftovers – but if you want to score points with your in-laws, you should avoid it.

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