In the state Duma received a draft law on the introduction of the lower threshold for hourly wages. This aims to protect employees from arbitrary action by employers. Now there are some scheme of deception in various forms of wage and how to calculate the manipulation of the manual?

On consideration in the state Duma was a bill that would impose a lower threshold for hourly wages. This applies to people who work on fixed-term contracts and part-time. The minimum threshold is proposed to be set at 150 rubles per hour. This amount should be indexed once a year.

the Problem of labor disputes now is very serious. due in the fashion industry, some companies were forced to reduce staff. However, not all employers operate within the law and agreements with employees. Complaints to abuse a lot.

— If a person works part-time and is urgent, i.e. a temporary employment contract, its payment for actual work time may be very low, and it is not against the law now. And employers now increasingly prefer temporary, hourly fee, because a full month to plan the impossible. It is unknown whether the orders and sales — said the chief analyst of TeleTrade mark Goikhman.

In the present circumstances many it is much easier to pay just what individuals worked for. Such employees and easier to fire if necessary.

to avoid this, and the proposal is made to establish such employees as hourly, below which it can not be. According to Mark Goichman if this is the proposed amount of 150 rubles per hour, then it is more than two times higher than calculated from the minimum wage. Working at least in this case, will be twice above the subsistence level.

If the company is forced to accept the person for temporary work and part-time, it is less secure than a career officer. This draws the attention mark in real. According to him, such an employee need to provide such compensation for his “bird rights.”

— So it would be worthwhile not only to specify in the law the bet, but also to establish other criteria of such forms of payment to make it more legitimate. In practice, employers use an hourly fee, but this often is associated with disturbances: there are things to point out only a few hours of work and pay, — said the head of the GR-practices BMS Law Firm Dmitry lesnjak.

in Itself, this form has both advantages and disadvantages. For the employee it may be best to work a certain number of hours and get paid, but there are also situations when the money is credited only at the end of the month.

According to Dmitry Lesnjak, in this��the case could be different issues, as the worker needs to protect their interests, for example, to sign acts of acceptance confirming the hours worked for each day. Therefore, according to him, we can only support the attention of the legislator for this form of payment, as this would create additional guarantees for employees.

— Essentially this bill will not change anything, — said the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investments Aleksey Krichevskiy. — When it comes to hourly wages, this refers to contract work, low-skilled labor.

According to Alex Krichevsky, perhaps this project is the first step to the abandonment of the formulation of minimum wage as such, to leave directly the minimum hourly rate.

— But you still need to understand that unskilled labor will be judged cheaper, and employers ‘ obligations to calculate taxes and to be attached to such a rate can make them out of cash without registration, concludes Alex Krichevsky.

However, now employers are often underpaid, not only in hourly wage. For example, a common scheme is to induce the employee to work at the weekend, but not to pay for this time at twice the normal rate as provided in TK.

If you acquiesce to all of the employer, it’s easy to lose a decent amount of money. To avoid such problems, better to find out your rights and to bring it to the authorities. Before you go out to work at the weekend, is to learn how will pay this time, and to execute all documents.

Nina Vazhdayeva