A sacrilegious act of vandalism

We are talking about a mass grave in the town of Dobrich, in which are buried 45 Soviet soldiers and officers.

The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has expressed outrage at the desecration of the graves of Soviet soldiers in the town of Dobrich.

“the Embassy expresses its indignation in connection with another blasphemous act of vandalism against the graves of Soviet soldiers in Dobrich, where it is already the second week a case of a mockery of the memory of those who gave their lives for the liberation of Europe and the world from the fascist plague,” – said in the message of Embassy on Twitter.

We are talking about the place where they buried 45 Soviet soldiers and officers, that shows even more “cynical”.

“we Hope that the city authorities will take the necessary steps to bring the monument in the proper form and to prevent such practices in future and the perpetrators of this crime will be established and will incur the deserved punishment”, – reads the statement of the Embassy in Facebook.

Earlier at the mass grave of the Soviet soldiers appeared abusive inscriptions, then, the Russian foreign Ministry expressed hope to identify the perpetrators and bring them to punishment.

In early March, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Duma introduced a bill providing for criminal liability for destruction or damage of monuments, museums and military cemeteries.

The bill applies to objects that perpetuate the memory of Fatherland defenders and on days of military glory of our country, the Soviet and Russian military commanders. The law will apply not only to those who desecrate and demolish the monuments, but also those who contribute to this, the authorities of foreign States.