the Terrible consequences of the new digital reality felt by Russians living in new York. The man suddenly was erased from the bases that can confirm that it is him. The poor fellow had to walk to the Supreme court in an attempt to achieve recognition of himself as a citizen of Russia.

the Story, more like a subtle psychological Thriller, than a truth of life, occurred with a 50-year-old Vladimir Korovkine. The man was born in Riga. After service in the Soviet army from 1986 to 1991, he was discharged and moved to Tambov, they received residence and attached themselves to the local draft Board. The passport also had no problems – a law-abiding citizen at the hands had all the necessary documents to legally live on the territory of post-Soviet Russia. Some time later, the man went to the United States. From foreign officials to it, too, issues arose. However, in 2016 the quiet life of Mr. Korovkina ended abruptly. The validity of the passport expired and he applied to the Russian genkonsulstvo in new York for a new document. But instead of fresh crust, the applicant was refused with a resounding phrase: “You are not a citizen of the Russian Federation”. The citizen was shocked that diplomats are in fact crossed out his future. It turned out that he could no longer freely travel to the homeland and in the United States is in the status of illegal immigrant. Awkward situation turned out to be an expired national passport. The plaintiff had to replace it upon reaching 45 years, but time did not. And when the Americans inquired about the “questionable” citizen of the Tambov police, it became clear that local law enforcement officers information about it is lost and can’t exactly say he lived in the city or not. To prove that he is a he Korovkina had to go through all the courts. Presnensky court, and then and Moscow city court the claim to the Russian Consulate General in new York and the Tambov Department of the interior refused. But the Supreme court sided with the poor citizen without a passport. A panel of top judges said that the police of Tambov never had any doubts in authenticity of documents of the plaintiff. Moreover, even there is a note about that in 1993, the native of Riga has received a Russian passport. The only mistake of the citizen was that he had not purchased the document. Case the result has been sent for review.