A resident of Moscow was detained for stealing money from a hotel guest

Photo: depositphotos/belchonock

a Resident of the capital was arrested on suspicion of stealing money from the pocket of the guest.

the Suspect and the victim were together in the room, reports the Agency “Moscow” the chief of Department on communications with mass-media of ATC CAO GU MVD of Russia in the city of Tatyana Gugino.

“the police turned 38-year-old stranger man. He said that in the Internet met a girl that was found in one of the hotels in the centre of the capital”, – said the interior Ministry.

Later, the man noticed that the girl left the room, taking out of his pocket 40 thousand rubles.

the Suspect was detained on the street General Belov. She was a 32-year-old Muscovite. A criminal case under article “Theft”.

Recently, six unknown persons broke into the apartment of the Muscovite, beat him and robbed.

Earlier, police detained a man who robbed a store in the New areas.

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