The total number of coronavirusbesmettingen in Thailand, located on the 411. Less than one-quarter of it can be traced back to a kick-box contest in the capital city, Bangkok on the 6th of march. At least 104 people present, from the well-attended bokstreffen at the Lumpini Stadium, appear to have been, the virus can be contracted.

you may Also have a second coronabrandhaard can be traced back to an event in a densely populated place with a minimum of 8.3 million people (population data in 2010). A few twenty-somethings were at a party at a posh dance hall, where a contaminated site in hong Kong was made. According to the Thai authorities, that night, plenty of drinks, and cigarettes are passed to it.

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The government has previously made a number of measures are known to prevent the spread of the Covid-19-the virus from entering the system. In Bangkok, from Sunday until april 12, all schools, restaurants and shopping centres are closed, except for supermarkets, said the governor on Saturday with you. Restaurants are only allowed outdoors, provide it.

The low-cost airline, Thai AirAsia has announced that all international flights from march 22nd to the 25th of april, it will. The board of directors of the civil aviation industry, said that as of Sunday, those coming to Thailand, flying in a gezondheidsattest must be present upon your arrival.

on the most recent figures from the ministry of Health is the one person who has tested positive, had passed on, and are 366 people in the hospital, while the 44 others in the hospital and allowed to leave only after they have been restored were there.