A provocation on the eve of the UN security Council: Kiev opened the shelling in the republics of Donbass

In the Donbass terminated the cease-fire to observe which Kiev promised at the last meeting of the Norman Quartet. During the shelling of the Ukrainian positions were used large-caliber guns. Is it a coincidence, but it happened in day when on Russia’s initiative the UN security Council is set to discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The meeting will begin at 22 hours Moscow time. Simultaneously with the shelling of the UN has sent the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, to achieve the introduction of international peacekeepers.

Residents of the Luhansk national Republic February 18, woke up to the sound of the exploding shells fired by the armed forces of Ukraine. Six settlements were under heavy fire: it has produced a total of more than fifty shells and mines.

“Renouncing all the agreements like the Minsk, and those that were reached in Normandy summit in Paris, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky still gives the orders to fire at the territory of the Luhansk people’s Republic. I have to admit, Vladimir Zelensky continues a fratricidal war initiated by his predecessor Poroshenko. Aggressive stance of the official Kiev and they spread lies about the alleged aggression by the peaceful Republic of Donbass, is being questioned following a meeting of the Norman Quartet” — said the head LNR Leonid beekeeper.

Alexander – miner. He was on shift when I found out that the shelling started. Remembering that home alone old mother asked for leave and went to her.

“came to the door, and the door closed. I turn around. And only a Bang and threw me on stage. I’m 20 minutes was lying. Till he came to himself, it is not clear what it was. A direct hit. I looked up, all person in blood, flogged glass, and foot it hurts to walk. A direct hit to the bedroom,” says miner Alexander Korneyev.

the Attacks were preceded by the attempt of the Ukrainian subversive groups to break through to the positions of the LPR militia in the area of the village Golubovska. But the Ukrainian military was blown up in a minefield. Immediately after that the Ukrainian position was opened artillery fire.

the bombardment and Donetsk people’s Republic.

“the Situation is very tense, — stated the official representative of the militia DND Eduard Bacurin. — Going shelling of the territory of our Republic. You already know that in the long-suffering Zaitsiv five houses completely destroyed. Before that we have one civilian was injured.”

People are tired and do not hope that the war will ever end.

the Armed forces of Ukraine deal their blows in every time and not selectively. At a children’s soccer field secondary school of the village Staromykhailivka exploded four mines of calibre of 82 mm. It happened at 7.30 am, at this time children went to school. Miraculously no one was hurt.

the Situation on the frontline remains tense to the limit.

President Zelensky, after the escalation on the line of delimitation convened an emergency meeting of the national security Council (NSDC). But some Ukrainian TV channels do not even have to wait for the official position to immediately assign blame for the incident.

“the Russian mercenaries attacked our forces”, “Armed forces controlled by Russia, attacked today…” – with these turns of speech, the news began on the Ukrainian TV channels.

At a briefing following the meeting of the national security Council and head of the Ukrainian General staff and the President said that the South-East of Ukraine under control. Journalists drew attention not only to the light stubble Zelensky, but also to the contradictions in his statements.

“I Want to tell you that we have a strong army. Only with a strong army you can sit at the negotiating table. We confidently approach the world,” said the sixth President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

the Situation on the demarcation line and made adjustments to povechko of the Verkhovna Rada. Party Poroshenko immediately tried to turn the incident against the President.

“a Year ago Zelensky promised the people that he has a strategy for the world. And recently, in Munich, admitted that any strategy he has no. And all his tactics — this is a joint patrol of our military with the militants”, — stated the co-Chairman of the faction “European solidarity” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko.

Any proposal must be agreed with Donetsk and Lugansk, recalled “the Opposition platform — For life.”

“In the first place – the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the meeting of “Normandy four” election, formula Steinmeier. Until this is done, will such provocations or soil for them”, — stressed the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Viktor Medvedchuk.

the fact that there is no Amnesty for defenders of Donbass, also provided Minsk agreements, will not, said the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. He urged the prosecution of all residents are not under the control of Kiev Donbass.

But, as noted by some analysts, recently, in Kiev, the very phrase “Minsk agreement” sounds less and less.

“the Press service of the President withdraws from media all mentions of the Minsk agreements, including in meetings with Angela Merkel. Himself Zelensky confused: whether he wants to fulfill them, or not,” says the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

Meanwhile, the incident at the demarcation line 18 Feb 2020 Ukrainian nationalists have already used for the announcement of the mobilization of its volunteer battalions.