Chairman of the Board of Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev said that, according to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, today in Russia there are 10.5 thousand railway crossings. Of them cameras equipped with slightly more than two hundred.

– meanwhile, according to Judicial Department at the Supreme court of Russia for violation of traffic rules through the railway track were punished 2,94 thousands of drivers. Of which 2.8 thousand was fined, 144 people were deprived of their rights, – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

He explained that now prepared the draft documents, which prescribe the procedure for equipment of level crossings cameras automatic commit violations of the rules of service of such cameras and the rules of information transfer about the revealed violations to the bodies of state control.

– the List of railway crossings, which will be equipped with cameras, an automatic commit will be agreed with the Ministry of interior. Mandatory equipment and special technical means fixing violations are subject to transfers, which in the last three years was a road accident with victims, – said the Chairman of the Board of AYUR.

it is also possible to install cameras on the basis of civil law contracts between the owner of the infrastructure and private companies.

– that at the railway crossing, the camera is installed, drivers will be warned by special signs, – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

Recall that now is still debate about whether it is necessary to warn drivers about the cameras. In the draft amendments to the rules of the road, it is assumed that in the settlements the signs warning about the cameras, put not. Only at the entrance of this item.

At the same time, defenders of the rights of motorists insist on a mandatory warning for each camera. At the same time refer to the instructions of President Vladimir Putin that the camera can not hide and they must warn. The dispute is still not finished.