it spread food and the Bible.

the Evangelical Church Pastor from Argentina named Daniel Cataneo was outraged by the fact that the country was allowed to work the bars, but Church services are still banned. In protest, he converted the native Church in the city San Lorenzo in “bar”.

Así tuvo que abrir la Iglesia Redentor, la persecución religiosa por parte del estado nacional se hace cada vez más evidente.@omarperotti es hora de que te la juegues y te rebeles contra las presiones del gobierno naciónal.#QueAbranLosTemplos

At a school with a meal now spread the Bible, and the pastor and his assistants, dressed as waiters, meanwhile, conducted the service, The Guardian reports.

“We stand here today in those clothes, with trays because it’s the only way to preach the Word of God,” said Cattaneo.

“So, in addition to veal breaded, which now are on the fourth table, we give here the Word of God to all Nations,” he added.

As such a step, responded city officials San Lorenzo is not yet known.

According to 14 June in Argentina confirmed by 30.3 thousand cases COVID-19. Recovered more than 9 thousand people, 815 died.

Anna Lysenko