A new wave in the fashion industry predicted in China

Photo: AP Photo/Andy Wong

Experts believe that humanity will not be able to fully cope with the pandemic COVID-19 this summer. In this regard, China has predicted a new wave of coronavirus infections, reports the portal “Huangchuan”.

According to forecasts of the head of the infectious diseases Department, Shanghai hospital “Huashan” Zhang Wenchun, another outbreak of coronavirus possible in November.

At the same time Wanchun added that the experience of the struggle with the disease, acquired now will help to reduce some of the risks.

“However, countries with insufficient medical resources, such as Africa and South America, it may be difficult to survive the next winter” – suggested the expert.

was Previously given a forecast about the peak of coronavirus in Russia. It was reported that in our country it will be in the last week of April, the eve of may day.

Over the past day on the territory of the Russian Federation registers 2558 new cases COVID-19. Coronavirus was detected in 62 regions of the country. Recorded 18 deaths, and marked 179 recovered individuals.

Just today in Russia revealed 18 328 cases of infection with coronavirus infection in 82 regions. For the entire period recorded 148 deaths, recovered 1470 people.

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