On the way to make a decision on whether or not to cancel the football is an additional problem. One of the rights holders demand a refund from tv monies and if there is, this season will not be played.

In a letter to the Pro League that allows a rights-holder and the business in focus: no more football this season, meaning a recovery of the tv money. The rights holders are, at this time, Telenet, Proximus, and FOR. The latter two do not want to comment to say, while the Telenet ‘ options on the watch. This is for the legal profession.”

The Pro-League, protect it with an insurance policy, which is the last tranche of the tv money for this season, as the 20-million-euro guarantee. This is true, however, only in case of absolute force majeure: if, in this matter, through the corona virus, not a mere possibility, it is still a match to play.

This is the reason why it is the Pro-League is still not decided, will take over as to whether or not to cancel the competition. At this time, there is a force majeure event, until the 30th of april. “For the time that we know nothing.” A lot of it depends on what the union decides. If that is the message that in the competition in July will be completed, and the events at that time, admitted, there is a risk that the argument of the force majeure cease.

the Open:

The recovery sheds new light on the heated debate between the clubs on how to continue with the competition. In an open letter to the Pro League and took 17 out of the 24 professional clubs to a halt. “You have to show leadership and make a decision.” According to the Pro-League, things are more complicated than that, the letter would have you believe.

a number of clubs in the political arena. But the minister of Justice, Koen Geens (CD&V) is working on a Decree to protect them against the claims, that’s not true, ” says his spokeswoman. “There’s no special KB for the game of football.”


in the Meantime, is a proposal on the table for next season, with eighteen to play at the play-offs. That is the scenario in which this season, no single game is more finished. Waasland-Beveren should not be degraded, Beerschot, and Oud-Heverlee Leuven would both have to promote. It’s the season finale of the 34 days of counting, and adjust the position and play for the audience is to be allowed.

In the season 2021-2022, it is the freedom to come up with a competition of twenty, again, without any of the play-offs. Of the twenty highest-graded teams in 1A and 1B above, with a proflicentie would have to be admitted to the one and only professional football league in the country. Thursday, a new meeting of the board of directors of the Pro League’s programmed to, with a bit of peace in a busy schedule, may be referred to as.