A Museum dedicated to the victims of Nazism, appeared in St. Petersburg

a Museum dedicated to the victims of Nazism, appeared in St. Petersburg. It was opened in one of the buildings of the Military historical Museum, informs GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”.

the Organizers of the exhibition aimed not only to gather as much documentary evidence about the terrible past. Specifically, in order to convey the horror of being in fascist torture chambers, outside the exhibition frame that looks like the entrance to a concentration camp. Internally the room looks like a barrack. According to idea of organizers, it should provide the visitors the strongest emotional impact.

the Main exhibits of the exhibition comes from the collections of the Extraordinary Commission, which was investigating the misdeeds of the Nazis. Each represented object in here is the fate of a real person, his pain, suffering, and sometimes death. The exhibition contains photos of prisoners of the camps, personal belongings. A section on medical experiments that were carried out in the dungeons, and what often ended the stay of prisoners of mass destruction. These exhibits are provided by the Military medical Museum.

by the Way, much of what can now be seen by the visitors of the Museum were used in court during the famous Nuremberg trials as evidence of Nazi atrocities.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”