A monument to military commander Georgy Zhukov in Moscow removed for restoration

the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation or the Prefecture of the CAO or the Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma, which was called by the correspondent “RG” have failed to answer the question of what happens in the city centre, two steps away from the Kremlin. The situation was clarified by the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Yemelyanov.

Photo: administration of Pyatigorsk In Pyatigorsk has opened a monument to Sergei Mikhalkov

He told “RG” dismantling associated with the planned restoration works:

– the state of the monument requires major restoration work in the workshops. According to the work schedule was planned for March. After the dismantling of the monument to the place didn’t look empty, decided to replace it with a copy of this monument, made as sculptor Klykov, author of the historical monument. Yes, the copy differs from the original, but it is the author’s copy. However, it was found that the condition of the pedestal requires restoration. Therefore, and placed temporarily copy will be removed. We dismantle and historical monument in 1995, and a copy of it. The pedestal will also be refurbished in the workshops.

Emelyanov noted that the main problem in the restoration – conservation of the monument, therefore, how long the restoration is not yet clear. “I hope that by may 9 work to be completed, it will be strange in the Victory not to see on a habitual place the monument to the hero of the great Patriotic war”.

To the question “RG”, why is the work produced so unexpectedly, the official has noticed that this incident will be compensated by an invitation to the restoration workshops.

Historical monument back to its rightful place in a primordial form, – said Emelyanov.

Photo: Sergei Kuksin Alexey Emelyanov 2011 in Moscow, restored the monument 1424

Recall, the pictures from off the pedestal the equestrian statue on Manezhnaya square in the early morning today has published in social networks blogger signatory that the monument to Marshal Georgy Zhukov will be replaced by a new one. Some media immediately remembered that the replacement of the monument was discussed on another one of the autumn meetings of the Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma. But the Chairman of the Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma Igor Voskresensky has denied this: “Our Commission did not discuss the fate of this monument, it is within Federal competence. From myself I can add that I am against the replacement or transfer of this monument. With him was associated a lot of controversy, he did offer to replace it with another. However, at the time established and the sculpture became a part of the history of our city, its business card, along with standing behind him the building of the State historical Museum”.

installed the Monument to Zhukov at the Manege square on may 8, 1995. Made by the sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov in conjunction with the architect Yuri Grigoriev in the spirit of socialist realism. To put it in this place decided by the President Boris Yeltsin. Later a monument was proposed to move to the Poklonnaya hill and was going to move to the Museum of Zhukov in the Kaluga region the members of the society memory Zhukov.