on June 26 in Moscow, opened the monument to Andrey Dementyev. The ceremony took place at Kuntsevo cemetery, where the poet is buried. The monument has fulfilled his longtime friend, the famous sculptor, the President of the Russian Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli. We have before us a pile of books, symbolizing a milestone of creativity Dementieva, lines from his poems and songs. “I want to live swans, and from white flights the world became kinder” and of course the famous “Never regret after, if that happened, you cannot change”. Crowns the same sculptural composition revealed a big Golden book, which depicts the poet’s words “Everything will be the same after us – and thank God.”

– I wish the monument was symbolic, says Tsereteli to the correspondent of “MK” to Show the power of his talent, the scale, as in sculpture, to Express the fundamental nature of his work, to show that all he created – forever. And so it was felt the personality, the character of Andrew, the subtlety, the elegance, which he did. So and a monument to him – books, volumes of his brilliant poetry that today there are descendants. In them he is his soul, flesh and blood. His experiences, joy and pain. You say were friends, were close, and it’s there for everyone who opens the collection of his poems. After all, the brilliant poet, the artist always exposes the soul. Opens itself to the world… So anyone who will be reading the poems of Andrey will be able to know him closer. This special power of art. We’ve discussed the project with the widow of Andrew, Anna, the opinion of loved ones is always very important. There’s a lot she prompted.

– You many years were friends with Andrei Dmitrievich. What was he like man?

– Andrew we have known for so long that it seems a lifetime. This common acquaintances, and friends, and all life actually. He was very talented and squeaky a decent man. Always worried when they saw injustice. Not afraid, that was said in the face… That few people can. Many of the projects we made as if inspired by each other – Andrew wrote to my sculptural projects are wonderful poems, and I on his idea also created some images. The monument to the poets of the sixties in Tver, where open House poetry Andrey Dementiev – it was his idea, which I was inspired. He was a man very cheerful, loved and valued life, with a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes, in the evening he will call: “Zurab, where are you? I’ll be right there!” or “Come there and then. Anya waiting!” So many nights, and a wonderful meeting it was, Andrew read poems, beautiful moments that are forever in my heart!

About the friendship between Dementiev and Tsereteli told the “MK” and the widow of the poet Anna Pugach.

the Monument, which made Zurab, – stunning, – shares her emotions Anna Davydovna. – It penetrates into the heart, touches the soul, and ��such after-earthly continuation of the poet’s life. A week before his death, when Andrew was in the hospital, I suddenly said, “do you have any idea what I monument Zurab deliver!”.

– You’re crazy! Why are you talking about this? – I told him.

– Yes, just so, ‘ he replied.

of course, I didn’t think the week away from the last day. And the last verses of the Sakharov devoted Tsereteli. They are enthusiastic, Sunny and bright as the paintings Zurab, because not only is he a great sculptor, but also a wonderful artist. Those who have been in his gallery, he saw what quantity there his paintings of flowers. He writes every day flowers, to make life happier and better. As the sun paints. I think that this is a bright colorful perception of life, Andrew was associated with Tsereteli.

How long did the work on the monument?

– worked On the monument for a long time. The idea was invented quickly, but to translate it was not easy. The monument is three times poured. And yet he turned out as intended, as I wanted. I think that the workers who worked on it, I spoiled the nerves, because it was important for me to meet our idea. I was preparing for this event the publication of Andrew. Found not yet published poems, and some already prepared for printing. The book concludes with the lines: “all Ends, ends life”. With this feeling, I watched as the monument, and the bitterness of loss and the tragic events in my heart still light. The light of the fact that through memory, through poems, continues.

the Pedestal is made of Baltic stone. The same is present on the monument to Joseph Kobzon. He was a great friend of Andrei Dmitrievich…

– Yes, they were all friends – Zurab Kobzon, Andrei. With Kobzon he had a real, strong male friendship. And went for each other. Kobzon has long been seriously ill, and it so happened that they were in the same hospital. Kobzon above the floor, Andrew below, and they called each other. Andrew said: Joey, hi one intensive care unit from the other.” Then he rose to Kobzon in the house, and he sent for all sorts of Goodies. Asked definitely whiskey. This is the company they have always supported. Kobzon from last forces have come to Andrey. It was his last public appearance in the Tchaikovsky hall. Those who were at the funeral, remember, Kobzon performed. It was amazing and has become such a Testament to posterity. Hall was speechless. There was silence. Some very important words Joseph Davidovich said.

So, when I picked the pedestal for the monument, then consulted with Nelly Kobzon, and she said she took Joseph Baltic stone. I went and looked and realized that Andrew would say: “I is the same as that of Kobzon”. They always competed in mo��e in clothes. So the pedestal of the monument to Andrey made from the same Baltic stone that Kobzon.

You mentioned the release of a new book Dementieva, tell us a little about it

– Warm, happy, poetry live, they are in demand, and I’m told that in social networks there is no day without the work of Andrey. Now will come the book, which was not yet published. Andrew prepared it for printing. There are both old and new poetry, or previously published only in periodicals. It’s called “We race horses of passion”. Here is a sense of excitement was with him, whatever he was doing: editorial and social activities, journalism, writing, everything he did with passion, and I think that is preserved in memory and recited at the monument, which made Zurab.

Kind words about Andrei Dementyev said the writer Yuri Polyakov.

– Andrey Dmitriyevich Dementyev is an outstanding Russian poet. I knew him for many years. He was the chief editor of the magazine “Youth” in its heyday, and when it was published my best story, says the writer to the correspondent MK. He was very bold and courageous editor, even in those Soviet conditions. Importantly, of course, he’s a great songwriter. It sings the whole nation. I think that concludes one of the most famous and prominent Russian poets of the twentieth century. I spoke with him in different historical periods: in the Soviet period, when he was not allowed to print my story “state of emergency of regional scale” “Hundred days to the order”, and in the post-Soviet period. I can say that he was a man of his principles and never looked at the power. If he believed that to print my critical story about the League and about the army, you achieved it. If it is not recognized in the 1990-ies the reform of the country through the knee, and spoke. In the civil respect Dementiev – a very brave man. Although the personal side, he was always soft and delicate.