A microbiologist told me about the danger of mutations COVID 19

According to the scientist, there is a probability that in the future the coronavirus will manifest itself as a seasonal disease such as influenza or SARS.

Microbiologist Igor Nikulin explained the possibility that coronavirus infection may not disappear after the victory over it. As he said in the program “this morning” to “the Star”, the disease may remain with mankind as well as when we left the influenza.

“Maybe if there is a so-called persistence of the virus, when he sort of goes into hibernation. Then it will behave as a seasonal disease, like the same flu or SARS. As soon as it creates favourable conditions, and this temperature is from 4 to 12 degrees, and there he will again show itself,” – said Nikulin.

While the clinical picture of the incidence of coronavirus in different countries: in Europe mainly hurts the older generation, and in Russia – young men 20 to 40 years. The longer the chain of infection, the is better tolerated by the disease, as the virus loses its danger with each new transfer. Nikulin said, what are the difficulties in fighting infection, depending on its various manifestations.

“it Turns out that for each virus with a vaccine. And the fact that it mutates, can make it difficult,” said the microbiologist.

Earlier, the doctor warned of a new danger after COVID-19. The therapist said that about 20% of Russians will suffer PTSD after the end of quarantine and the lifting of restrictive measures because of razrusheniya social bonds during isolation.