Two new climate zones that were not previously existed on the territory of Belarus emerged in the country in connection with the steady trend of a warming climate. Commenting on the changes that have become characteristic of weather phenomena, Blue-eyed, the Director of the academic Institute of nature management of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Lysenko has informed, in particular, that the average temperature in the country over the last twenty years has increased by 1.8 degrees, and the temperature in winter has increased, according to some estimates, up to four degrees.

These data scientist cited during a round table meeting “Environmental security of the Union state”, which took place on July 29 in the Karelian scientific center of the Russian Academy of Sciences with connecting via video link from Minsk of Belarusian scientists, BelTA informs.

in fact, Lysenko said that before the start of the current warming period, the Republic experienced three climatic zones. Now the Northern climatic region left the country completely, the Central was divided into several parts, and most of Belarus took the old southern climatic zone. “If this trend continues, then after a few decades in Belarus will develop climatic conditions, which in the past century corresponded to the steppe zone of Ukraine”, – the expert has predicted.

unfortunately, was forced to admit it, these changes have a negative impact primarily on the productivity of agricultural land. This is especially noticeable in the Gomel region. On the other hand, the observed growth yield Lysenko inclined to explain the use of more progressive technologies of agricultural production, adding that similar climatic metamorphoses are observed in most Eastern European countries.

If current trends continue, he admits, in the next three decades, residents of Belarus expects the increase in winter temperatures, and rainfall in the same period and will continue to decline. As for the summer period, then, according to Lysenko, the increase in average temperature in the next 20 years will slow and the amount of precipitation will show a slight increase.

it Should be added that the scientific dialogue between experts of the two countries took place in the framework of the press tour “the Scientific cooperation and the strengthening of cultural ties between Belarus and Karelia”, organized by the Permanent Committee of the Union state, reports the Agency.