May 29 marks the 37th anniversary of the Heysel disaster. On this day of all days, Liverpool FC’s victory parade takes place, which is particularly met with incomprehension from the victims’ families.

Misunderstanding: Andrea Lorentini, son of a victim of the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster, has criticized Liverpool’s decision to hold a pageant on the 37th anniversary of the disaster. He was “shocked” at the time, as “Reuters” reports. The Reds had planned a victory parade for May 29 to celebrate their cup victories last season.

More sympathy: Lorentini states that the date is “a bit strange”. “In light of what their fans did that night, May 29 should be a day of blame and reflection for Liverpool.” However, the Reds said they were aware of the importance of the day and would commemorate the victims .

The catastrophe: On May 29, 1985, Liverpool FC were to play against Juventus Turin in the European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. Before the encounter, Reds fans had attacked Juve supporters, after which a wall collapsed and stampede broke out. 39 people lost their lives.

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