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In a record of speed made by the Bundestag today, the way for the biggest aid package in the history of the Republic. With the new debt load without example. It went very quickly, and it also ran smoothly on this unusual session, in which the members themselves had to in front of Corona infections, before you decide on the protection for others. An exception to this Parliament in exceptional times.

there Are, of all things, in the German Parliament, no doubt, no uncertainty, no fear? But, and what for what. These feelings connect in these days members of Parliament, between which political worlds are. Also, the members of Parliament know that the giant is the aid package is a genuine emergency situations, to rescue the attempt, what is to be saved. They feel that the German Parliament itself, can stabilize with a new debt without a world economy that threatens to get out of the Lot, just limited. You guessed that there’s more could come. And especially: you don’t have the slightest idea when this All will end.

And so was the hook today, the most important recipe against fear. So it goes. Only the worst could be averted.

What is not saved now, may. be lost

Only most of was the of all in today’s lightning maneuver – aid package approved without an example, borrowing at an unprecedented size, agreed to clear – also: Who doubts, loses pace, and any delay could exacerbate the consequences will be dramatic What is not saved now, may soon be irretrievably lost.

Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) held today, the Chancellor, who is in a domestic quarantine. The Federal Finance Minister has already stated a few days ago, what it is: a “fateful challenge” for the whole of humanity. And so considered, the Bundestag, today was something of a community of fate, in its own right.

the landlord issued a hairdresser rent – now he is determined to be in crisis appeal to all citizens to FOCUS Online landlords adopted a hairdresser rent – now he is determined to be in crisis appeal to all the citizens of

“together, the first duty of a citizen”

parties are? Yes, there are. The Opposition will look again with unbridled criticism on the work of the coalition in this crisis, weeks – as soon as you can feel the ground again under your feet. But today in the Bundestag, they moved together to the great coalition of the Savior.

The Green-budget politician Anja Hajduk said that she had accompanied “the decisive Action by the government is very fond of”. The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner announced “Now is the hour of the state.” he was unusually emotional: “I don’t think of statistics, but at my grandma’s. And as Alexander Gauland, Chairman of the AfD in the Bundestag, warned: “Together, the first duty of a citizen is now”, as one might interpret this as a last note, how serious the situation must be.

More question marks than hard facts

156 billion in new debt – that’s almost half of a normal Federal budget. After years of solid house-keeping is in Germany now so dramatically in the Bad. However, it is now in need of exactly this very strong response from the state. Because in addition to the medical collapse of the total crash of the German economy threatens. Nobody can measure whether the response of the state is a rescue package, or just a stop-gap help for a few months.

Finally, it is not only the German or the European economy, but a global tragedy. When the economy of most countries in the world is regulated at the minimal level on down, are Economists in front of an equation with infinitely many Unknowns: you can have scenarios, but in the end, in their ways of Thinking, more and more question marks than hard Numbers.

looking for: the Exit strategy

business people, families, managers, seniors, and children feel in days in your daily life, that in this March of 2020, exception times are to come. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister by putting hard restrictions on freedom. No daycare, no school, no-Contact orders, nightlife restrictions – such cuts, nobody could have imagined a few weeks ago. Only: sacrificing the rights of the citizen are fix announced. Eventually, return to Normal mode could be the significantly more delicate decision. The patience of the population will be unlimited.

in this respect, today’s calls were to cohesion and solidarity more than brittle slogans. The political managers know that the citizens of the rod, then it will be hard in this country. As said it is the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU)? “We pay attention to each other. And we take care of each other.“

doom beschören is sinking

the transport Until further notice, it’s the only way that Germany needs to stand together, want to come only halfway off lightly from this crisis. Who summons permanent the downfall, talking to him almost brought about. At the end of previous certainties are under threat, you would have already are clear to everyone. Viewed in this way, the German Bundestag has shown today by his responsible side. Also, this means a piece of security.

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