The Deputy of the city Duma of Tolyatti Vladimir Bendus, appeared in the scandal center after a conflict with journalists, said he did not consider himself guilty and is ready to give its mandate. He told the publication, “Rise!”.

Earlier the journalist Anton Pantin said in his account on the social network “Vkontakte” that Vladimir Bendus “persecuted him, insulted, cursed, twisted arms, trying to dislodge the phone, applied a physical impact.”

He also posted a video in which the Deputy is close to the journalist, occasionally grabbing him and urging reply that he “made useful in this life” and why “pouring dirt”.

In turn, the Commission of “United Russia” on ethics recommended the expulsion of the MP from the party, stressing that he “flagrantly violated not only the law, but also ethical norms”.

However, Vladimir Bendus’m sure in no way to blame.

“I didn’t intend for him to raise his hand, if I raised, he would or the police, didn’t go anywhere. Written statement – but for God’s sake. I am what you see fit, and as considered necessary, this person has expressed. I normally talked to him. I know him for a very long time, 15 years,” said he.

The MP also stressed that he is ready to give its mandate as “just working people without a paycheck for 10 years”.

“I’m not particularly worried. If someone is sitting in the corner, afraid to speak – God will judge them. I’m a man that don’t. I’m not in the party, but I will not. I have a favorite thing, I have been doing business. Yes, let them take this mandate will stick somewhere it,” he said.