A jealous resident of the Chinese city district of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, was detained after she called the police to check if her husband was cheating on her. This is reported by Asia One.

A woman named Li often quarreled with her husband named Wang. In the end, the man told his wife that it was better for them to live separately, and left for the hotel. Li decided to follow her husband and got to the hotel itself, but Wang locked himself in his room and refused to open the door for her. The hotel staff also refused to help the woman.

Then she called the police and reported that her husband had hired a prostitute. The police arrived at the call, but found that Wang was alone in the room. Law enforcement officers did not find any traces of the woman’s presence in the room.

They took the couple to the police station for further investigation. There, Lee claimed that she lied to find out what her husband was doing. The police detained a Chinese woman for a false message.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Mexican capital Mexico City hid in the trunk with her son to follow her husband, an Uber taxi driver. The driver found her after he heard a strange sound coming from the trunk.