The grandmother of Miss Belgium’s Celine Van Ouytsel has died as a result of the corona virus. “It’s not,” he writes Of the Ouytsel on Instagram. “I’ll carry you in my heart.”

at the End of march, it was determined that a sheltered housing resident and grandmother to be infected with the virus. The situation was not of concern because of severe symptoms, hampered, however, when early was she at risk, so her situation is closely monitored.

But the woman did not survive, Of Ouytsel well-known on Instagram. “It’s not… but I am proud to be your grand-daughter should be. Your courage, kindness, and courage will continue to inspire. You carried me in your hand, I’ll carry you in my heart.”

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It is not allowed to be… I’m so proud to be your grand-daughter should be?? Your courage, kindness, and courage will continue to inspire you????. You carried me in your hand, I’ll carry you in my heart -??????

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