the Number of dead and hospitalized with coronavirus rises. Monday is 533 people hospitalized – 137 of them in intensive care.

the Number of coronasmittede danes who end up dying, continues to rise.

Monday is so far 77 people died, while they were infected with the virus. It is five more than a day earlier, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut.

the Number of coronasmittede, who are hospitalized in the country’s hospitals, is also continuing to rise.

Monday is 533 people hospitalized, and that is 34 more than a day earlier.

Of the 533, there are 137 of them that are on the critical care unit. This is an increase of six persons in relation to Sunday.

And the 137 is that Monday 119, which has it so bad that they have to get the help of a respirator. It is six more in the course of a day.

Denmark is provisionally 2555 persons have been tested positive for coronavirusset. There is, however, expected to be a few more that are infected, since not all people with symptoms are being tested.

Both the Danish authorities and the government want to make more tests.

the Goal is, according to the Danish Health and medicines authority to test 5000 people a day. It will correspond to the levels in Norway, which has a population close to the Danish.

the national board of Health estimates that up against the 580,000 danes – about ten percent of the population – will be infected with corona virus in the first wave of the disease in the course of the spring.

Out of those infected, up to 11.200 danes be so sick of coronavirusset that they need to be hospitalized, and 2800 should have intensive treatment, sounds the assessment.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which follows the global spread of infection with the coronavirus close, so far, been confirmed 732.153 coronasmittede in the world.

Provisionally 34.686 people worldwide died while they were infected with the virus.

part has become healthy again after having been infected with the virus. According to the Johns Hopkins University, there is so far talk about 154.673 persons.

In Denmark, there is as yet no official figures for the number of raskmeldte. However, Statens Serum Institute expects to have some figures ready.