MOSCOW, may 2/ Radio Sputnik. The mayor of the Ukrainian Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko thanked President Vladimir Zelensky his disagreement with the case because of the decision of the local authorities ahead of time to ease the quarantine of coronavirus.

According to Bondarenko, the city will provide resistance.

Earlier, the authorities of Cherkasy allowed from may 1 to work shops, workshops, markets, beauty salons and summer areas of restaurants, despite nationwide quarantine. The police filed a case because of the decision of the local authorities.

“Cherkassy will to resist, remember. Cherkasy – free Cossack city. And if it is necessary to unite Ukraine, we will unite Ukraine. And remember: nobody defeated Cherkasy, not beat the Cold Yar, not overcome the spirit of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Taras Shevchenko. Remember this,” said the mayor in a video message in Facebook.

He said that on Monday he was summoned for questioning to the police as a witness in the case of an early easing of the quarantine. He also said that he received threats from the first Deputy head of the office of the President Sergey Trofimov. The office denied this information, saying that probably Bondarenko was the victim of a prank, while Trofimov wrote to him.

“Mr. President, I thought that when you win, the law is one for all. Come spring, we have green and will be planted, not only of the mayor, and corrupt officials,” – said Bondarenko in the video.

the Government of Ukraine from March 12 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 introduced a nationwide quarantine for a month, but later it was extended to may 11. From 6 April quarantine measures in the country was tightened, in particular, the government has forbidden to gather on the street in groups of more than two persons, except in cases of support of children. It is also forbidden to walk in parks, green areas and promenades, numerous sports and playgrounds.

the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal April 24 announced the government’s plan to exit from quarantine, which involves five steps and can be started from 11 may, subject to a favourable epidemiological situation.

Earlier radio Sputnik announced that Ukraine will close the coast during the may holidays.

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