The TV is Sad news for fans of ‘Game of Thrones’. Summer the direwolf from the character of Bran Stark, who has died.

The ‘direwolves’, which is a type of wolves that are in the first season of the series, were given to the children of the family, to Stark, it was a very popular part of the show. Although the focus in the later seasons, especially when the wolf is Ghost, the pet of the main character, Jon Snow, and it was Summer, in the first seasons can often be seen.

The dog of Summer, it was played by a dog named Odin, and that, unfortunately, is not. And that they, the masters, well-known on social media. “A broken heart is to let you know that It has died”, what it sounds like. “Our grief is immense, and the impact on our family and we can’t even begin to explain it.” The animal was just five years old, and died of oral cancer.