dr. Frank Vandeputte, from the first Hove is that we have far too little solidarity in Europe. That’s what he says in the programme ‘in The morning’ show on Radio 1. “We would have doctors to go to Italy or Spain and be able to send it to, but that doesn’t happen.”

a Lot of services are closed and hospitals are preparing for the influx of coronapatiënten. People will make their stay in the hospital because they fear getting infected.

“as a Result, hospitals have a surplus of staff,” says Vandeputte. “They are otherwise engaged in the service of a consultation or hospitalization, which of the patients will be cared for. The young doctors who are still in training for a specialist to look unemployed.”

at the same time, are dying each and every day, hundreds of people, both in Italy and in Spain. “The medical staff are there to be occupied. They start to get tired and make mistakes. And for us, we are waiting for you,” says the doctor, that is the way it is. “As soon as the peak is reached here, then we have to send volunteers to the affected areas. We have to prepare to leave.”

Last week, sent to Cuba with a team of fifty doctors and nurses to the City, the worst hit city in Italy. They are specialized in epidemics and disaster medicine, and they were very grateful to received.

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