A decision by trump to stop immigration in the United States caused a storm of emotions

President trump is often criticized for being a populist. A lot of contradictory opinions gathered his campaign promise to reduce the flow of migrants to the United States. However, no one then could not imagine that by the end of the fourth year of the reign of trump will be denied entry to any immigrants. However, on Tuesday, the President of the United States took an unprecedented step: he announced the closure of the country for everyone to move. Exceptions are made only for certain categories.

“In light of the attacks by the Invisible Enemy and the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American citizens, I will sign a decree on the temporary suspension of all immigration to the United States of America” – this comment on Twitter, left the White house.

This entry has stirred up the country and then became one of the most talked about. During the first 12 hours it gained more than 300 thousand likes and more than 50 thousand comments – as angry and excitable. For some Americans, this decision can be called long-awaited, for others it is the embodiment of the worst nightmares that were associated with the trump.

for anybody not a secret that in the United States have long restricted entry from other countries. This was done at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, and at the moment the situation has not changed – entry in the United States is still limited. From neighbouring Mexico and Canada are permitted to drive only if absolutely necessary. Blocked entry to U.S. citizens China and European countries.

In such circumstances, the question arises – why then prohibit any immigration, and if so much opportunity to get into the country. The answer consists of two parts.

first, now to America are denied entry not for all categories of citizens. For example, student or business visa to enter the country, you can still. In addition, there are other categories of the population that may move to the States – for example, relatives of those already living in the country. Such people are not subject to the General restrictions, but because of their arrival in the United States are of big concern to the country’s leadership, especially given the fact that many States are now preparing to re-open economy.

the Arrival of immigrants can cause a second wave of the disease, which finally will finish the economy and bury trump’s chances for re-election.

second, 22 million Americans filed for loss of employment. In the near future, the country risks to plunge into the abyss of unemployment, especially given the fact that employers will find it profitable to understate wages in a situation of abundance of workers. In this case, the presence and employment of immigrants could undermine the situation of indigenous peoples and to leave him without money.

These fears are becoming more prolific andAmerican society, and they skillfully plays Donald trump.

on the other hand, opponents of the President are assured that such decision is a terrible xenophobia. By and large, trump especially further regulate the market in favor of the Americans, to the detriment of those who have a legitimate reason to come into the country and work there. In General their charges are justified. That’s just unlikely to greatly upset the President – the majority of his electorate agree with the principle of “America first” and such a decision for them seems absolutely right and logical.

moreover, the President is likely to decide to insure. According to the Wall Street Journal, the decree trump will not affect either doctors or those who traditionally performs in the USA seasonal work.

For these categories would be excluded in order not to complicate the epidemiological situation in the country and not to destroy the economic ties that have survived even in times of crisis. In addition, is not made the deportation of those who are currently in the United States: they just will not take the disease into the country.