For the Aargauer FDP national councillor Matthias Jauslin (57) are the SME emergency loans of the Federal a failed design. Last week, SVP-Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (69) had a 20-billion-aid package presented. Together with the banks, the government wants to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with a rapid and easy liquidity through the Corona of a crisis. The speed has a downside: controls there are hardly any.

“Neither banks nor the Federal review of the applications”, criticised the national Council Jauslin via Twitter. Who wants a loan over five years to zero percent interest rate, just need to fill out a form. Thus, loans were also sent to ailing companies would be even without the crisis in a situation of distress, fear Jauslin. “You come to free loans, without any collateral to show – this is the taxpayer”, twice, he charged. “Or you might have to borrow a stranger free of charge a few thousands to get in the hope that in five years the money back?”

Federal feared hardly fraud

In the social media resistance to the criticism is stirring: For CVP-President Gerhard Pfister (57) is part of the solution to the wisest measures of the Corona-crisis. “If you’re in the position to define the ailing company in a reasonable period of time and sort out before the first healthy companies to collapse, you’re one of the geniuses of the crisis Manager,” he says to the address of his national Council colleagues.

fear is Also Finance Minister, Maurer seems to be attempts at fraud hardly. He refers to the fact that the applicant with your signature for the accuracy of the information. Who makes in the form deliberately false information, commits forgery and risks a fine of up to 100’000 Swiss francs and up to five years in prison.

financial control is expressed also fears

But Jauslin with his not alone in this criticism. “The danger of abuse is there,” says Michel Huissoud Director Swiss Federal audit office (sfao). “The AIDS is a mass business, and it’s time to pressure. In addition, the lending is based on the self-Declaration of the borrower,” he is quoted in the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

opportunities for fraud there are several: companies could provide multiple applications. And you could try to get more money than they are entitled to. Because, actually, should not receive more than ten percent of the annual turnover. This is not checked at all before.

Black Peter-game between the Federal government and the banks

banks and Federal to push each other the buck. The banks would not control the information provided by the applicant, is to be read in the article more to. Objected to by the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), says: The banks have stopped abusive requests to reject and any misuse or fraud attempts.

has Now been set up but still a control. Seco has commissioned the auditors of PWC, all of the applications to look through. So, at least, multiple applications could be discovered. And the EFK want to check on the basis of the VAT returns, whether the revenues of the company are in the right proportion to the emergency loans. Only: Whether or not the funds are actually used for the purposes of the aid package, is to control continue to hard to.