A couple of scouts-illegal immigrants: how it works

“Vesti on Saturday” didn’t expect anyone else from the “secret and hidden” in the RAF will allow you to meet now. So our material is of a couple of scouts-illegal immigrants who worked in Latin America. This is Vitali and Tamara Netics.

What is this exhibit from the Museum of foreign intelligence? More on that later. And yet — the one who this exhibit in the Museum has presented. In Latin America, her name was Ana-Maria.

– But Tamara is your real name?

– Now, — said Tamara Netics, the scout-illegal immigrant, a veteran of the foreign intelligence Service.

– are You Russian origin?

– Totally Russian. My dad is a Siberian, and my mother — Kuban Cossack.

What sort of genes are triggered is unknown, but she’s a latina.

And my husband… I was told, a Creole a Creole. But it is also Russian. The KGB picked up.

Both studied at the Moscow aviation Institute. He was in the Komsomol Committee.

“All the girls loved him. We met on 29 February and 1 March, he offered me the job,” recalls Tamara Netics.

wait a Minute! In Hollywood series “the Americans” new pairs of Soviet spies-illegals is different. In fact, sometimes all. But this pair was definitely different.

“a week before the wedding, he I went to see and said, “I have to tell you one very important thing. It’s my decision, I want to be a scout-illegal immigrant”. And I was terribly pleased, — said Tamara Netics. We were romantics and the incredible patriots. We had the opportunity to dream, to create, we had everything. We thought we can change the world, make it more beautiful. Soon he made an offer, and then me. Well, of course, we agreed.”

Agreed to forget their language and even their own names.

– there were cases when you walk down the street, and there, for example, the Soviet sailors went ashore, and you instinctivebut turn on the native language?

No. Only once was. I’m coming, and suddenly behind me: “Tamara”. You know, I go and think: something familiar, — says Tamara Netics.

– You have forgotten my name by that time?

– I Think, something familiar. And then, after time passed, I think: my God!

– many of your colleagues did not dare to have children. You — two.

– We were told that we should have children. Of course, we wanted to have children, because having children means, to have a strong, a real family. Because two young men, healthy, successful and in Latin America, and they have children — it’s weird. Son and I had a very difficult birth. I was even drugged. With my daughter everything was fine.

– Not feared as radio operator kat, “mum” to shout in Russian?


a Couple of scouts-illegal immigrants. How does it work?

I have always recognized the husband of the eldest, the last word, of course, for him, — said Tamara.

– A title older than he was?

– First, we didn’t even know the title. Later, when we returned I learned that he was a Colonel, I Lieutenant Colonel. And soon my husband got the General, and to me, Colonel.

So where exactly in South America they are sent? In fact in some details in the photos I guess. But have the right to these his thoughts to share.

What can you say about them? Cuba – here in what country (then socialist) they are in the region came. It was during the first Congress of the Cuban Communist party in the now very distant 1975. Fidel said Cubans, they are also Soviet.

I still love this country. This is the first love. And she was love. Moreover, I even met Fidel. He shook my hand, told Tamara Netics.

– Cuban accent “caught”?


at First he taught her accent. Melodioushim. Mexican. But to settle her husband was ordered further South. Transit was through the Panama canal — the place where the Americas — North and South.

“And here we are in Panama. Going with her husband to the Panama canal. We stand on the observation deck. Famous mos that connects the two Americas. All of America — that’s our job. And suddenly, I have no tears can not tell, under the bridge and sailing ship with our Soviet flag. You can imagine that we at this moment felt? It is such a joy it was! – says Tamara Netics. — When this ship sails, you feel that for you this power, for you this country, you just start to work. That’s how we happened.”

Ahead was a job not just in Latin America, and to the extent to which, from the beginning of the 70s fell into a terrible period of military dictatorship, where, unfortunately, the local security services on torture methods taught by experts such democratic countries as the United States. But where the US was in and out.

– Tamara, you are up against some of the countries in Latin America doing something?

No. The main destination was the United States. We were engaged in this country.

With Latin America?

– All our info was there. In our lives, in the lives of scouts-illegal immigrants are very much playing destiny. We are always looking for. The main thing not to miss.

More friendly to Cuba, Tamara witnessed the meeting of the great Soviet, Russian dancer Galina Ulanova and the great Cuban colleagues Alicia Alonso. Alonso in the presence of Tamara Ulanova told that he taught at the ballet school in Brazil. And Tamara realized that can enrich his legend the fact that as a fan of the ballet Alonzo could learn as a latina. And thought of everything so that when Alonso was on tour in the very South America, someone from the assistants has led Netics to the great ballerina.

– Led me and says: "Your student, Alonso”. And she met me, hugged me: “Anna, my student sweetheart.”

– actually you were a millimeter away from failure!

– No, I knew she had poor eyesight, — said Tamara.

in the meantime, the husband…

“How come the telegram, and the husband says, “Gather me.” He’s leaving. I don’t know where he went. I guessed on some parts. And then comes another telegram that he was awarded the order of the red Star,” said Tamara.

But then the Soviet Union did not. And they saw the footage, or how far you were.

“Announced that the Soviet Union no. You have no idea what it was for the moment. Very heavy. Until we received a telegram, which stated that, guys, everything remains the same, we need you. I then said, I die — I will remember this telegram,” said Netiks.

But they had grown children who even hints did not know that they are Russians.

– the Only thing — I drove them, of course, in this circus the Bolshoi theatre.

– When the tour was in the country, where were you?

– Yes.

In Russia, the son of Eugene began a pilot of civil aviation. Daughter Elena became interested in psychology. But the parents of these children sent abroad from the Soviet Union, the new Russia has continued to serve. She and her husband.

“unfortunately, I can’t tell you about many things, but many things he did. For example, when he received the information that in Moscow could be terrorist attacks, it was 1996,” said Tamara.

We remember the terrible 1996. And illegals were still a problem on the connection.

“When he came behind us, I saw him, he lost 15 pounds,” recalls Netics.

Soon Tamara took the children and took them to Russia.

– the Children knew nothing. And suddenly they saw. When we pRiehle, meet me and begin to talk to me in Russian. And the children opened his mouth, — says Tamara.

– And in a family you still do not call Ana-Maria?

– Yes, I did. Then, of course not. In the day of my birth son all the time calls me: mommy, happy birthday to you.

the date of birth according to the legend?

– Yes, it’s a legend. Don’t forget.

That the return home was with her?

– When I returned, recalled Russian? I have heard that some are even special courses on return.

– Very difficult. My husband once faster was given, and I spoke with an accent. I was so hard to remember the middle name. Then used — confessed Tamara Netics.

someday we will tell about the one who cooked them. And gave the toy. Where the soldier, if it falls, then…

Is a symbol, say, illegal. If you fall, you fall standing up. But if you’re not, you have no right to be called an illegal alien, you’re a tourist, — said Tamara.

This is a special life to live which can be one. And back and bringing the kids here, she taught new personnel.

– Your students are there now?

– Well…