“To send requests, their review and feedback needs a lot of resources on the part of authorities,” – noted in the Ministry of communications. Citizens annually send at least 10 million emails per 250 thousand authorities and state organizations. The experiment proposed by the Ministry, will make the processing of applications faster and more efficiently.

In the first phase, from 30 August to 30 December, from your personal account on the portal you can apply to the Ministry of health, CBR, Ministry of education and the Fund of obligatory medical insurance. It’s enough to have a verified account and give consent to the processing of personal data.

While the Ministry has the task to work out a scheme for cooperation with state bodies and to determine the pilot regions for approbation.

Working with citizens the act of 2006. Statements, suggestions and complaints coming into the Department are processed up to 30 days from the date of their registration with digitalization it’s too long. In addition, not all authorities have implemented the services of online filing of appeals.