A coffin for Zelensky the appointment of Saakashvili is destroying relations with Russia

on the Eve of his becoming Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili has vowed “not to make a show in this position” because it was “already out of this age.” Ha, ha, ha! From all the anecdotes I’ve heard lately, this one is perhaps the funniest — and the most fake. Leopard can not change the color of its spots. Saakashvili cannot change his habits to make a show. Without device regular show ( sometimes in the form of not be very small and not very victorious war, sometimes in the form of “biting the hands” of his recent political patron) Saakashvili is not a politician — he samolikvidirovalsja. But it makes sense now to talk about the self-Saakashvili — this will not be exact. It now makes sense to talk about the start of the process of self-destruction Vladimir Zelensky. Inviting to his team a famous political vulture as the former President of Georgia, the current President of Ukraine took the first step in this direction.

to mark the first anniversary of his stay in power an interview with Vladimir Zelensky told the story, which struck him as very funny: “When I came home in the evening, I met no one. Only hear how the TV works. Go down the hallway of the apartment – the open door. There son and my wife are watching TV and there my appeal. I say, why is nobody there to meet me? And Kirill shouted: “Dad, quiet! The President is speaking!” From my point of view, this is really quite a funny story and I have another one this time not ridiculous political implications: after almost a year formally at the head of the Ukrainian state, Vladimir Zelensky was not able to become a credible leader of the country.

of Course, the former showman is not idle, but very trying. When in the same interview, Vladimir, pressing on pity, said that he has “more than a month was not the weekend”, I instantly accepted him. Sorry to Zelensky, the presence or absence of the output is not a criterion of successful work as President. The President’s job actually differs from the others in that there is no textbooks or tutorials. However, one hint about the activities on this post to give all you can The meaning of the President’s job is not to wallow in endless technical and tactical details, and to ask the country a clear and understandable strategic direction.

And this with it, despite the grandeur and the rhetoric of his public performances, Zelensky things badly. The first formed his government turned out to be extremely grey and expressionless. It is unclear what is being engaged in Taekwondo for a few months due to the equally misunderstoodtion of the reasons he resigned. On change to it came the same dull Cabinet Ministers — or rather the Cabinet, which seemed featureless until it Mikhail Saakashvili. From a tactical point of view, the appearance of exactly may seem Zelensky a good political move. Say what you will about the former President of Georgia, but to create a sense ( or semblance) of the dynamism he definitely knows how. This time. The inclusion of Saakashvili in the government means that the all-powerful Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who was on his post from the very moment of victory the “revolution of dignity” in 2014, there is not necessarily strong, but definitely very noisy opponent. That’s two. Providing a master of political advertising and the darling of certain influential circles in the West post of Deputy Prime Minister for reform means that the official Kiev may be easier to knock out much-needed money now from international financial institutions. That’s three.

it is Very likely that the appointment of Saakashvili, there are other quite strong tactical reasons. Ukrainian political scene (and, incidentally, not only Ukrainian) resembles the surface of the swamp very often we see only the bubbles, but have no idea what the hidden and complex processes in the swampy depths caused the appearance of these bubbles on the surface. But turns out the combination of these perfectly reasonable individually, tactical reasons one big strategic loss? Not going to talk about all the well-known habit of Mikhail Saakashvili to sink his recent political patrons. The ex-President of Georgia has already given a solemn oath that Zelensky he wouldn’t do that. And let’s for a minute pretend that we believe him. But how about the fact that Saakashvili is only the personification of the concept of political betrayal, but the personification of that type of policy with which Russia under any circumstances will not deal with?

it is Well known that in politics there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies. But, as I repeat now, in nearly every material, every rule has its exceptions. Mikheil Saakashvili is one of those great live exceptions. In the eyes of the current leadership of Russia the former President of Georgia is a one-man brand. The inclusion of this “person-brand” in the ruling Ukrainian elite for Moscow means that this top can not be seriously about something to negotiate. Similarly, to achieve productive agreements with Russia not ready and Saakashvili himself. And since this well known and popular politician will soon become a member of the Supreme Ukrainian leadership, it turns out that Zelensky binds his hands on the Russian direction of policy. After all, the EU��and Saakashvili will disagree with any decision he might loudly accuse the President of “betraying national interests” and the scandal to resign.

does Vladimir Zelensky such a limitation of its strategic opportunities? I’m not sure. As a bright representative of show business he prefers to “live here and now.” During the first twelve months of the presidency of this approach Zelensky mostly worked. But based on the lack of a coherent strategy of course there are objective time limit. Making a bet on such an unreliable political partner Mikhail Saakashvili, Zelensky very likely accelerated the course of events. To political self-destruction of the President of Ukraine is still very far away. But one of his future political undertakers already appeared on the stage.

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