A bill to temporarily cancel lock Telegram

was sponsored by deputies from “Fair Russia” Dmitry Jonas and Fedot Tumusov.

the Bill, which quoted the news Agency relates to the blocking of any resources that are “official services” dissemination of information in the validity period of these modes. The initiators emphasized that to submit to the state Duma the initiative is planned after the deputies will receive the opinion of the government.

In the request to the head of the Ministry of communications Maksuta Shadaeva parliamentarians explained that the Telegram in the current situation, began to perform a socially important function. In particular, it is through him, as pointed out by the authors of the appeal, the Ministry of communications organized a alert of remaining abroad during a pandemic Russian tourists. Also it is through this messenger, says the inquiry, the mayor’s office officially informs citizens about the fight against coronavirus.

Note, the Telegram was blocked by Roskomnadzor in April 2018 – after the messenger refused to grant the FSB the encryption keys from the correspondence of the users.

As reported TASS, the press service of the Ministry of communications confirmed the receipt of the letter of deputies and reported that it is pending.