the MP explained that many commercial clinics are well-equipped, being used to treat patients with the latest technologies and often perform operations that are not available to doctors in public hospitals. However, he noted that the treatment in private medical organizations may be free for patients and to cover the expense of means of obligatory medical insurance (OMS). That is, the clinic receives government contract for certain amounts of different types of medical care in OMS.

In other cases, to cover the costs of private clinics can government grants. For example, already selected the first private medical institution that will provide services long-term care for the elderly at the expense of the state, and they became the owners of grants awarded in the contest.

“In an environment of scarce resources we do not make full use of “privateers” in operation. And our goal is to provide quality health care to the citizens, who don’t care private or public hospital can help,” said frost.

According to him, in a pandemic coronavirus non-governmental organizations have also demonstrated their capabilities many of them have “serious covenyi hospitals.” The MP stressed that the coronavirus has also become a real challenge for many employers, including due to the lack of occupational health services in enterprises. Morozovskie that the doctor must log in to manage production. That is a qualified health care provider will tell you how to organize the work so that people are not sick, and if sick, not EN masse.

moreover, in each specialty is occupational disease, Morozov said. And the doctor knows everyone, and he can determine – feels bad man or not.

“If we talk about production and the medicine of the future, then you must go to the prevention of occupational diseases instead of having to give people disability at the end of the career path,” concluded Morozov.