Today, the marking system was there are more than 62 thousand companies. Among them – all the legitimate producers and importers as well distributors and retail. By July 1, they will completely switch to electronic document management in transactions with suppliers and customers.

Since the beginning of the labeling of cigarettes were detected in almost a third more tobacco manufacturers, reported in a press-service of the Center for advanced technology development (CRPD). They relayed information about the maximum retail price. On the eve of prohibition of circulation of unmarked tobacco product manufacturers used more than 10.6 billion codes Data Matrix, sold about 3 billion of marked packets. Codes are applied on bundles or blocks. With their help, you can trace the history of products from the manufacturer to the cash register.

As the head for relations with state authorities “British Amerikan tobakko Russia” Oleg Bavrin, to experiment on marking the company joined in January 2018. From July 2019, all the cigarettes are marked. “During this period we have released more than 1.5 billion of marked packets”, – said Bavrin.

Advance to the labelling system has joined the company “Philip Morris international” in Russia. “The costs that we have incurred in the process of refurbishment of our high speed production lines for the purpose of labeling, what we regard as the necessary long-term investment in the fight against illegal trafficking in Russia”, – said the Director for relations with the EEU and the protection of trade marks affiliated companies Alexander Mironenko.

the traceability of tobacco products to protect customers from illegal goods and manufacturers who paid the excise tax, say industry representatives. “We intend to continue outreach to all participants in the supply chain. I hope that necessary steps will be taken by the state to ensure 100% readiness in terms of information systems and reporting forms,” said Mironenko. An experiment on the labelling of tobacco products in Russia began on 15 January 2018. With March 1 marking became compulsory, and from July 1 to stop production of unmarked cigarettes.