US citizen Skyler James Gretts, who came to fight as a mercenary in Ukraine, was eliminated during an artillery attack. This was reported on Friday by The Daily Beast newspaper.

According to the publication, the 23-year-old Gretts, who had no experience of participating in hostilities, arrived in Ukraine in April. The mercenary was wounded in June, but after treatment he went to fight again. At the end of October, he came under artillery fire in the north-east of Ukraine. In addition to the American, several other people were injured.

Russia and Ukraine exchanged prisoners. The Azov fighters were exchanged for the Russian military and Viktor Medvedchuk

On Wednesday, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that the West had consolidated itself in the status of a party to the Ukrainian conflict by sending mercenaries to participate in military operations. According to her, during the eight months of the armed conflict, over 8 thousand foreign mercenaries were recruited by the efforts of Western countries. The most numerous groups came from Poland, the USA, Canada, Romania and the UK. More than 3 thousand foreign fighters were killed, the same number returned home.