Linda Evangelista and Ruth bell

a trip to the hairdresser can lift your mood, increase self-confidence and in the rare case when you are applying for the status of “supermodel”, can change the course of a whole career. Remember Karen Elson, which has become popular due to the fact that dyed from blonde to red shade, or Ruth bell, who became the Muse of Dior after shaved it all off. Recalled nine models whose career took off after changing hairstyles.

Linda Evangelista

Photographer Peter Lindbergh documented tears of the canadian supermodel in a time when the stylist was cutting it. In the end, the boyish haircut, which she cried for four hours the very next day brought her 16 hits.

She was crying. I was very nervous. I didn’t know what I’m gonna do until I do it. My inspiration was in my head. It was a magical day. She handled it pretty well. After that, everyone wanted a haircut says stylist Julien d IP details, remembering that day almost 30 years later.

Gathering her hair in a ponytail and then cutting them, he began to shape them. Haircut instantly became a cult. Years later Evangelista told Vogue that this moment “four times raised its rating”.

Kaia Gerber

early In his career, fans continually compared the Kaia Gerber and her mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford. However, in 2019, when she turned 18, she decided on a change of image before a string of shows and photo shootings and prefer long hair practical Bob. It turned out, the inspiration for it was Kurt Cobain.

so long I felt the pressure that I have to have long beautiful hair, which all used to seeing models. But at one point I just asked myself: “who’s all this For?”. If I want a haircut, I can do it. Did

— said Kaya Vogue during your lunch break backstage at the Prada show spring-summer — 2020.

a Short haircut gave Gerber even more individuality, and advertising contracts fell one after the other.

Fernanda Lee

Australian model (and former student-architect) Fernanda Lee appeared on the show Louis Vuitton spring-summer — 2015 with pink hair and immediately became famous. Memorable hair color helped her to become one of the most popular models of the subsequent seasons. Despite the fact that now she dyed it blonde, we will never forget that pastel pink hair, which helped her to become famous.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Although the Australian model enjoyed success as a brunette (early career), Abbey Lee Kershaw decided to radically change the image. In 2011, the star has dyed her hair blonde, and in the same year, the magazine V in his The Discovery Issue called Kershaw “the greatest model��Yu from Australia” and put in one row with Elle MacPherson. Abby also took fifth place in the list of the most successful models according to the version Kershaw is now more common to see in movies, not on the podium.

Now for my hair color meets hairdresser Michael Angelo from new York. If I in Australia, then go to the salon Belinda Jeffrey of La Boutique. I try not to get a haircut — based on past experience, I decided not to decide on a radical change, until you begin to withdraw, because the producers always change your hairstyle she said in an interview.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid by nature a light brown, not dark chocolate as we’re used to seeing. Model dyed it brunette in my youth, and then, in August 2014, immediately signed a contract with IMG Models. In a relatively short time in the modeling industry, Hadid has achieved significant successes. Model was invited to participate in the fashion shows by Desigual, Tom Ford and Chanel.

Edie Campbell

the British model literally woke up famous after cut off your hair up to the waist and prefer quads just above the shoulders. After that she was invited to the fashion shows Chanel, Burberry, Hermès and Saint Laurent.

Haircut I trust Guido Palau. He gave me a lot of cool hairstyles. For example, mallet — it was great, cut my very short bangs. Although I did not go. I actually sent him a screenshot of a newspaper headline: “Woman going to kill a Barber for a bad haircut.” My colorist — Josh wood. My natural hair color is pretty dull, but if you have short hair, they should be alive, moving, this will help sun glare she said in an interview with British Vogue.

Jessica Stam

put your hands up if you didn’t know that Jessica Stem from the nature of red. Early in his career, the girl adhered to your natural shade of hair, but, repainted in blonde, he received the title of supermodel. Jessica got in a rating of the highest paid models Forbes and participated in hundreds of shows: shows from Christian Dior to Victoria’s Secret.

Karen Elson

In contrast Jessica Stam, Karen Elson became famous when she changed her natural hair color on the copper. Legend has it that Steven Meisel has put forward her an ultimatum when photographed in 1998 for Italian Vogue: dye your hair black or red. Otherwise shooting will be. Aspiring model then took the advice of actress Christina Hendricks chose a reddish tint.

I was in Milan and saw at the casting of the girl who said, “I can’t get a job. I had enough, I’m ready to quit.” She liked my hair color. She asked me what shade I use. It was Karen Elson. A couple of weeks she had bright red hair. Then I saw her on the cover of Vogue, and the rest is history! Karen is awesome, said in an interview with Christina.

Ruth bell

Ruth bell and her twin sister Mei started her career as a redhead. Perhaps wanting to be different from her sister, Ruth shaved her head and has since become one of the most sought-after models in the world, participating in advertising campaigns for Dior and Burberry. She couldn’t hear at the age of 19 for a shoot with Alexander McQueen quickly drew the attention of French designer Hedi Slimane and fell into the ranks of the models of Saint Laurent.