July 21, in the Manor garden the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin on Prechistinke a new rose garden. 89 bushes of elite varieties was donated to the Museum florist Lyudmila Izukova. His collection she called “Metaphorical roses” and devoted to Pushkin.

This chamber there is a garden in Moscow, 1814-1816 years, from the time when the construction of aristocratic mansions in the style of “Empire” architects Gilardi and Grigoriev. It was typical for the Moscow gardens of the time – with shrubs, trees and flowers planted in a special way. Bestsellers of the time were books related to the interpretation of flowers and bouquets, their projection on the world of men. It’s a French textbook “the ABC of Flora, or the Language of flowers” Delsene, which appeared in 1811, and translated edition of “selam, or the Language of flowers” Oznobishina.

the Poets of Pushkin’s time – Batyushkov, Baratynsky, Zhukovsky, Griboyedov, compare your creativity with horticultural arts, called themselves gardeners in poetry garden. To be experienced in floral symbolism was considered good form, and to show off that knowledge was a matter not superfluous. Pushkin and his friend Vyazemsky, too, has not escaped this epidemic and was involved in the craze metaphors of flowers.

the staff of the Pushkin Museum claimed that Pushkin loved flowers, listened to them, understood their language and hidden meanings. His poetry is filled with floral metaphors. Of all the flowers he often mentions the rose, associating her with female beauty, youth, love, light sadness associated with short earthly journey. Experts estimate that rose Pushkin has mentioned in his poems 89 times. Here and landed on Prechistenka 89 rose bushes.

the same evening, presented 100 rarities from private collections in Moscow collectors Tatyana and Sergei Podstanitsky – works of fine and applied art of Russia XVIII-XIX centuries, connected with Pushkin. The guests invited to the opening of the exhibition was the opportunity to go to HOMESTEAD garden through the balcony doors, down the stairs to the new rose garden and the garden pavilion, where part of the exhibition. Were placed in the garden wicker chairs and a swing from which you can admire the roses and to feel the heroes of Pushkin’s time. But it rained, so enjoy all the delights of a summer evening failed. And planting roses had to postpone. So far only outlined where it will be planted with roses and showed them to the guests. They are great.

a Special ceremony was preceded by a symbolic planting of red and white roses. Put this mission on the collector Tatiana Podstanitsky and experienced in the art of gardening Lyudmila Izukova. It remains to wait for good weather.

the visitors of the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin now p��will be the opportunity to visit Manor Park and admire the roses. Another beautiful and quiet area in the summer and noisy Moscow.