of this amount, the share of national projects “Education” and “Demographics” have more than 700 million. From regional Treasury for transformations in the sector allocated about 12 billion rubles. These funds are allocated for construction of kindergartens and schools, opening of new educational centers, an extension of the “accessible environment”.

– In the Amur region on 30 June in the relevant queue were five people – those who the kindergarten is currently in the pending queue – 6.7 thousand children, place them in a preschool educational institution (DOW) will need in the future, – said Deputy Chairman of the regional government – Minister of education and science Svetlana Yakovleva. Traditionally in September, i.e. after a period of staffing in kindergartens, which now is, the number of families standing in the actual queue will grow. A significant increase is expected in Blagoveshchensk.

In the region systematically solve the problem of shortage of places in pre-school education. In 2019, the region established 530 additional places due to construction and purchase of kindergartens, 120 seats in Blagoveshchensk came at the expense of internal reserves of the DOE. In addition, the regional center was opened three private garden, they are visited by 46 children.

At the beginning of 2020-took the pupils three kindergartens built by the national project “Demography”: in Blagoveshchensk – on 120 places in Belogorsk – 170 and in the village of Ust-Ivanovka in Blagoveshchensk district – 120 seats.

– In an institution scored 132 children – some more than estimated, but large spaces allow, – said at the official opening head of the kindergarten Lyudmila Limacina. – New garden visited not only young inhabitants of Ust-Ivanovka, but children from other villages of the Annunciation and Ivanovsky areas.

in addition, the city passed a new Free block of preschools 120 seats, and in Blagoveshchensk rebuilt the fourth building of the kindergarten № 5, designed for 119 pupils.

the Construction of kindergartens continues. Now, within the framework of the national project “Demography” erected a DOU 70 seats in the village of ekaterinoslavka of the Oktyabrsky district. Work allocated 120 million rubles. Will start the construction of an Annex 50 seats to the kindergarten in the village Magdagachi after the positive conclusion of the state expertise. The new organization of preschool education is for children aged 1.5 to 3 years and will be ready in 2021.

Now the possibility of inclusion of a kindergarten for 70 seats in Ivanivka – exactly the same as built in Ekaterinoslavka, in the program “Development of rural areas”. In this case, the construction can begin next year. In addition, design documentation for DOE n�� 120 seats in the village of Chigiri. We plan with that object to “enter” the program of the RF Ministry of construction “Stimulus” that will help to start work this year – said the Minister of construction and architecture of the Amur region Nikolay Siberians.

According to the Minister, the project of a kindergarten in Ekaterinoslavka entered in the register of economically effective project documentation. It gives the right to use the projects from this registry in the region, without creating a new PSD and thus saving the budget.

it is Planned to build another garden in Blagoveshchensk – on 350 places. Design work on this project completed. In the near future the Ministry of education and science of the Amur region will apply to the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation on financing of a new building.

Requires the development of material resources and level of General education. In the 2019/2020 school year, 11 of the 29 municipalities in the region training school was conducted in one shift. In two shifts, worked 62 educational organizations, or 21 per cent of all schools. The most acute situation in Blagoveshchensk (41 percent of students enrolled in the second shift), Belogorsk (41 percent) and Free (35 percent). To eliminate the second shift in the region need to build at least 40 school capacity 528 seats each. In the framework of the regional project “Modern school” of the national project “Education” by the end of 2020 in the Amur region will be established 1056 seats in educational institutions.

One of the largest in the far East schools being built in Blagoveshchensk.

Object with 1,500 seats and a cost of 1307 million rubles should be put into operation in the summer of 2022. Accordingly, in the 2022-2023 academic year the school will welcome its first students. It is very necessary. Every year we note the growth in student numbers in the city per 1000 people. Planning and construction of schools in the Chigiri. This village is almost merged with the Annunciation. The existing school is old and not big enough, – explained the Governor of the Amur region Vasily Orlov.

the New school in Blagoveshchensk will consist of five blocks – three – and four-story academic buildings and a sports hall. The students of Junior and senior classes will be taught in separate buildings.

In accordance with the decree of the RF government “On approval of the plan of comprehensive socio-economic development of the city Free of the Amur region” is building a new school building at 528 places in the city center of presidential attention next to an existing institution. Modern three-storey building of high school No. 9 will cost about 666 million rubles last year, has invested more than 265 million for the current – selected 400,5 million. Another building of an educational institution necessary for transition to single-shift training mode and built with Uchethe fact of the increasing population of the city in connection with the creation of the Amur gas processing plant.

– in Addition to these facilities the school is designed on 165 locations in Ekimchan Seleindzinski district. I hope that this year will start construction, – said Vasily Orlov.

year-Round organized overhaul of the preschool and General education institutions. So in January 2020 the reconstruction of the school №22 in Raychikhinsk, the building which was not updated for more than 60 years. A massive overhaul waiting for the school in the village of Malinovka at the Bureya district, from the budgets of all levels allocated more than 50 million rubles. By the way, during the working visit, the school was visited by the Governor of the Amur region. Vasily Orlov noted that it is in urgent need of renovation. In General, capital repair at the expense of regional and municipal financing scheduled in 2020 in 14 kindergartens and two schools.

For the new school year will increase significantly the safety in educational institutions of the Amur region. To strengthen fire-prevention and antiterrorist protection of kindergartens, schools and additional education institutions allocated 105 million rubles from the regional budget.

this year the national project “Education” in schools of the region will have 42 of the education Centre and the digital Humanities “Point of growth”. In areas where they open, on the municipal funds are carried out repairs. Currently, capital rekonstruiruet Annunciation Technopark “Kvantorium-28”. Children’s technology Park “Kvantorium-28” – part of the national project “Education”. The money to repair it – 28 million roubles allocated from the regional budget.