After a small decline the number of deaths in Italy again increased a bit in connection with the virus outbreak.

760 people infected with coronavirus have died in Italy in the course of the past day, inform the health authorities Thursday, according to Reuters. The day before the figure was 727.

In total 13.915 persons with coronasmitte now dead in Italy, which is one of the countries hardest hit by the epidemic.

the Number of infected is roughly on level with the previous days. The last day is thus recorded 4668 new infections.

In all, 115.242 people have been infected in Italy, since the virus was first registered 21. February.

this is The fourth day in a row that the number of new smittetilfælde is stable at a level between 4000 and 4800.

It can be a small light in the darkness for the troubled country, where at one time, have registered barely 7000 new cases in a day.

Also, the figures for people who have been healthy after having been infected, suggesting a small improvement.

Thus, the reported Thursday on the 18.278 persons who have recovered completely after being infected. It is just 1500 more than the day before.

In the northern Italian region of Lombardy, is referred to as one of the epicentrene of the epidemic, is both the number of dead and infected decreased compared with the day before.

It is according to the Italian health authorities managed to curb the explosive increase in the number of new smittetilfælde, and the curve has now flattened out.

It will require new measures to bring down the level, underlines the authorities according to the news agency dpa.

Late Wednesday announced the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, to the national shutdown, which was to expire 3. april, will be extended to 13. april.

Italy is the country in the world, which have recorded the most deaths in connection with the coronaudbruddet.

on Thursday, topping the total death toll during the coronaudbruddet of 50,000 worldwide, according to a statement from Johns Hopkins University. 28 percent of the deaths happened in Italy.