you Wanted, have always wanted a fresh start in Italy? Then this is your Chance!

The southern Italian Region of Molise to counteract the depopulation of their communities with a special project: A so-called active residence money of the equivalent of 765 Swiss francs in the month to attract Newcomers to southern Italy and the crisis-ridden Region boost gain. As the Name suggests, this is not the case of the grants to an unconditional basic income. to get

business opening mandatory

Around 700 Euro, one must draw in one of the 105 municipalities with less than 2000 residents have. And: start a business. In this way, Molise want to attracted in particular young business people in the Region. Antonio Tedeschi, a member of the regional Council of Molise and the Initiator of the project, stated in the media that the project is primarily Local should be addressed, who had to leave their home communities for economic reasons.

“But there are of course also invited Foreign welcome, our small communities of fresh life!”
Starting tomorrow, Monday, interested parties will have 60 days to apply with their business ideas. Overall, the monthly grant of 700 Euro can be purchased for a maximum of three years.