Boxing is As big of the countries in Europe at this moment and also in the Premier League and his stadionpoorten had slammed shut, he saw that the Boxing Task Force of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), there will be no hesitation, on the 14th of march, an important olympic qualifier, in London, to begin with. They had made a mistake.

in the Meantime, it appears that all of the seven boxers and coaches will, with the corona virus became infected. The Turkish delegation, said that the organization does not have sufficient sanitary measures in order to protect them. Recently, on the 16th of march, when the government of the pandemic, could not be minimised, the event was cancelled.


The international olympic committee is washing now, his hands in innocence. In a press release to report that there is no evidence that the athletes in question to the virus and in London, increased: “Many of the boxers had to train in their own country, before moving to London, returned, and since then there have been a few weeks ago at home, so it’s impossible to find the source of the contamination can be identified.”

, And so added the sports director Kit McConnell again: “These people would only be contagious the day before they have symptoms, while no one indicated that he/she was ill during the competition.” Maybe I should just agree with Delfine Person to make a call. She moaned from the sheer exhaustion of it in London, and he returned with a lung infection and is back in the tournament, but has not yet been tested for the corona virus.