Retirees can look forward to a substantial pension increase. In 2022, they got an average of 63 euros more in their wallets. The average pension paid rose from 1089 to 1152 euros. In men, the plus was greater.

According to a report, net pensions in Germany rose more sharply last year than they have in years. Since July, seniors have had an average of 63 euros more in their pockets per month, reports the “Bild” newspaper, citing initial data from the German pension insurance on the development of old-age benefits over the past year. Accordingly, the average pension paid out increased from 1089 to 1152 euros.

According to the information, men received an average of 1276 euros per month and thus 68 euros net more. Women received 1060 euros, which is an increase of 59 euros. The average net widow’s pension rose from 512 to 540 euros, the widower’s pension from 374 to 396 euros. According to the information, last year was the highest net plus for pensioners for many years. In 2013, the average pension was still 855 euros.

These figures include all pension benefits, i.e. old-age pensions, disability and widow’s pensions. According to the information, the main reasons for the strong overall increase last year were, among other things, the strong pension increases on July 1 of 5.35 percent in the west and 6.12 percent in the east. There were also improvements for disability pensioners and the introduction of the basic pension.