The Gent is Now in the hospitality industry for over 2 weeks, the lamb, as did hotel and Catering in East Flanders, a survey was held among 300 East-Flanders, hotel and catering management. To be asked what they think about the action that plants and drankenhandelaars to those provided for in this coronacrisis. More than half of that, about 62%, it appears not to be satisfied. “The postponement of the payment, in advance, ordered food and drinks, our industry certainly does not get saved”, says Tim Joiris, chairman of the Hospitality industry in East-Flanders, belgium. “The suspension of the rent, is what we really need.” For the sake of clarity, the efforts of the government to the sector for the time being, satisfied.

all The 300 respondents, all of an owner of at least 1 pub in East Flanders, belgium. “The impact of the coronapandemie are everywhere to feel,” said Tim Joiris. “Everyone is faced with the rent, unpaid bills, and the beer that is in a state of decay. Hotel and catering in East Flanders was very interested in plants and drankenhandelaars to provide the necessary support to their customers. This is, unfortunately, very small.””

From the survey showed that one-third of the surveyed bars and restaurants are contractually bound to one company. Only 15% of the owners had already been contacted by their brewery, and a 20% increased contact, in the framework of the same name. It is notable that only one-third of the staff indicates that it is the brewery or the drankhandelaar measures: the suspension of hire (5%), delayed payment of bills (17%), development operations (7%) and the provision of additional services (5%). It is, therefore, not surprising that 62% of the respondents to the survey (not at all) not to be satisfied with the proposed measures.

We require consistency of the kinds of drankenhandelaars.

Tim Joiris

Catering in East Flanders, went to listen to the breweries, and of the measures they provide for their customers. Of the larger breweries in the set of additional actions, directed to the final consumer. If there is a #cafesolidair and cafecourage, but that’s what the operator is currently of little use, what it sounds like. “The major players are hiding behind the vastgoedconstructies on which they depend,” says Joiris. “We have some smaller breweries like Bockor, Agreeing, and Blue, are more likely to have a personal action for the benefit of the owners, and that it will be greatly appreciated. Other companies, such as De Brabandere (Bavik) to refuse all communications, and that’s about it. We can see that some of the breweries, and the actions an individual, case by case, review. This may not be the intention, because if they are, as it were, executioner is in the process of recovery.”

From the Catering, East-Flanders, we are currently satisfied with the efforts made by the government to the sector, but we expect it to get urgent, that is, the large breweries, and the liquor traders to a clearer deal with it. The time is here. The hotel and catering industry will be the last to return must re-reads it. The deferment of the payment, in advance, ordered food and drinks, our industry certainly does not save us. A suspension of the rent, is what we really need,” according to Joiris. “We’re asking for consistency from the plants and drankenhandelaars.”